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Think You Are Ecofriendly? Does Your Bedroom Have These 6 Green Essentials?

Think You Are Ecofriendly? Does Your Bedroom Have These 6 Green Essentials?

Tired of getting out of bed because you forgot something? Don't worry. We have curated a list of 6 essentials you must have at your side before you tuck in

I have always believed in adopting small changes whose accumulation make a huge impact- whether on a personal, environmental or social level.

And if something as simple as a clay bottle can help rural artisans while also reducing plastic AND keeping you refreshed, why not use it, right?

And so, I have curated a shortlist of the must-haves at your bedside.

Memorising page numbers is tough and dog ears are a sin. But if you have a bookmark at your bedside, neither of these is necessary. Keep your pre-sleep reading sessions easy with these beautifully handcrafted copper bookmarks.

Bedside lamp

Whether you love reading in bed, are prone to midnight bathroom emergencies or enjoy a warmer, dimmer ambience before you finally fall asleep, a bedside lamp is a must-have.

A good lamp will light up the room in a cosy way and give you a break from the constant glare of harsh blue-hue lights.

While you are buying a lamp for yourself, you can also support a cause that you believe. From empowering rural artisans to purchasing lamps made from upcycled material, our lamps do it all.

They won’t just be lighting up your room but also the lives of local artisans. Check out our range of the room decor, here.

Handmade paper diary

It’s almost therapeutic to write down the highlights of your day right before bed. Not only does it make one feel relaxed mentally but also will act as a record of all the good things that happened, all the challenges you overcame and all the learnings you got from them.

Alternately, you may even be a planner who loves to write down your schedule, meetings and to-do lists, so you don’t forget. In either case, make sure you have an eco-friendly diary at your bedside, so you don’t miss out on this essential task.

Plus, they say the best way to remember your dreams is to write them down, so a bedside dairy would come in handy then!

Eco-friendly pen or pencil

If you have a diary, another essential is a pen. Have one at your disposal right at the bedside, so you don’t have to rummage through your office bag.

Leave work at work and keep an eco-friendly pen right next to you when you need it.

Alternatively, switch to eco-friendly, plantable pencils. When you are through with them, they will help you make your garden greener. So the number of pencils you use, the lusher your home garden will be!

Clay bottle


This comes from personal experience. I tend to wake up a lot in the middle of the night because of thirst. That’s why sleeping without a bottle at my side is a total no-no.

I used to fill a plastic bottle – until I was introduced to a clay bottle. What a marvellous idea, I thought!

Now I can have Matka water without me having to get out of bed in the middle of the night!

The added bonus? The clay keeps the water safer than plastic!

Body lotion

Make it a habit to apply body lotion right before bed. Just as we need a good night’s sleep after working all day, so does our skin needs to relax. A routine of ending the day with a gentle massage of chemical-free body lotion will not only help your skin breathe easy but also make it super soft and smooth. Try it out!

Face cream

If your hands and legs are relaxing with body lotion, why should your face keep suffering? Your gentle face skin endures a lot through the day – pollution, dust, harsh sun, chemicals, etc.

At night, when you are done with all of your work and are finally into bed, treat your facial skin to a gentle massage with organic facial cream.

This 2-minute routine will clean up your pores, tighten your skin and make it look young and radiant!

Feature image source: Shutterstock.

(Edited by Vinayak Hegde)

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