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Detoxify Your Bathroom: 7 Plastic-Free, Chemical-Free Essentials for Your Bath!

Detoxify Your Bathroom: 7 Plastic-Free, Chemical-Free Essentials for Your Bath!

If you have ever read the ingredients on a shampoo bottle, you know how many chemicals have gone into making it. So skip those harsh cosmetics and go organic, your skin will thank you for it! #LiveGreen #Lifestyle

Do you read your shampoo bottle in the bathroom if you forget your phone in the bedroom? I am no different. Once the shampoo is done with blowing its own trumpet, promising to turn my fragile, frizzy hair into a glossy mane that will put lion’s to shame, I go to the list of ingredients. Chemicals, then more chemicals. Scary names that I can’t pronounce or begin to understand the efficacy if there is any!.

If a single shampoo has dozens of ingredients that are alien to us, the same must be the case with our soaps, body lotions and conditioners, right?

More and more people are giving up single-use plastic and chemicals and turning organic in the process. It’s a long journey to embark upon and why shouldn’t personal care be a priority?

So here it is. A list of 7 products that must be on your bathroom shelves. Kick out the chemicals from the cabinet and your lives.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Switching to a chemical-free toothpaste and a bamboo toothbrush will help you keep your teeth and gums healthy without overburdening the planet with plastic. If you change your toothbrush once every three months, you throw away four brushes in a year. Now multiply that by the number of people in the country and the average lifespan in India. Save yourself from this debt to the environment and switch to eco-friendly alternatives.

And the same goes for tongue cleaners too.


It is a fact. Every time you take a bath, you are essentially rubbing a combination of chemicals on your body. Why would you do that, especially when you have organic options that can leave you clean and smelling awesome? Try it out. Organic soaps come in a wide variety–from jasmine to musk, from those with charcoal as main ingredient to those that have donkey milk. Give your favourite a go!

Are you more of a body wash person? We got your back there too! Just don’t forget to recycle or reuse those bottles to reduce your carbon footprint.

Coconut oil

Ahh, the joys of an oil champi! Haircare in Indian homes begins with a good ol’ head massage with coconut oil. The oil our parents and grandparents used was organic. And we are here to take you back to those traditions. Keep a bottle of chemical-free oil in your bathroom and see how the regular massages work wonders on your scalp!


Have we gotten so used to the smell and fragrance of our shampoos that we can’t see how many chemicals they contain? Let not your hair marinate in a chemical concoction and switch to eco-friendly options right now. Check out our range of shampoos and you will notice that organic shampoos come in just as many varieties as any. And if you choose shampoo bars over liquids, you won’t have to worry about plastic bottles either!


Champi, check, shampoo, check and now the obvious next step is to condition your hair. The next time your conditioner bottle is empty, try out an organic alternative instead and see how well it works on your hair.

Hair serum and hair gel

Setting your hair too much of a hassle? I feel you. Either my hair is too greasy, or it puffs up like a corn kernel. Shampooing and conditioning my hair is a hopeless business but a hair serum and gel usually do the trick. But this time, I chose organic and you should do it too!

Body Lotion

Soothing our skin with body lotion after a bath is a must. Pamper your skin with an organic body lotion after a day-long exposure to pollution. Whether right after a bath or before bed, a moisturising schedule is a must to keep your skin soft and hydrated.

Well, there you go! A chemical-free bath to refresh you every morning or night, take your pick! It won’t be long before you start noticing the difference – whether in terms of softer skin and hair or in the amount of trash you generate.

(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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