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Plants, Eco-Stationery & More: 7 Easy Ways to Make Your Office Desk Greener

You sit there for a major part of your day. So why should your office desk be a drab clutter of plastics and disposables? Here's how to brighten up your workspace with eco-friendly and ethical decor! #LiveGreen #Lifestyle

Plants, Eco-Stationery & More: 7 Easy Ways to Make Your Office Desk Greener

A messy desk may be a sign of a creative mind but in all honesty, a messy eco-friendly desk is the mark of an enlightened soul. We spend a major part of our day at our work stations. From morning until evening, we work tirelessly, sometimes to the extent of mental exhaustion. So why not allow Nature to lift the pall away? A small plant on the work desk, writing with pencils that might sprout into a plant in the future, or even taking short walks while sipping water from your clay bottles or cups and letting the beautiful smell of earth calm your senses. Small steps, make a big difference.

Greet your visitors with an eco-friendly way. Replace your notepad and stationery with sustainable alternatives and make an impression! Check out a wide range of these products on our shop, here.

We have a specially curated list for you to perk up your work bays and let your ideas grow.

  • House/ indoor plants

Our mini-garden at TBI.

For people like us who work for hours together glued to our laptops, our work tables become our sanctuary. Recently, at The Better India office, we upcycled some broken bottles and planted saplings in them. No amount of fancy market-bought decoration can beat the joy when a new flower unfurls. Although my office space is full of green plants that lifts my mood, I have little potted plants on my work table that I nurture as they were my baby. Have you given a thought to house-plants to decorate your desk? Maybe start with a single plant and see how it goes.

  • Plantable pencils

Source: TBI.

Speaking of plants, let’s discuss pencils. Sounds odd? Well, not to us. Among the various pencil brands that have flooded the market, our favourites are the ones with seeds embedded in them. These pencils can be used just like any normal pencil and once you are done with them, chuck them into a soil patch (or add on to your desk garden!)

  • Eco-friendly visiting cardholders

Even though we have become used to plastic stationery invading our personal and professional space when you look at something made of upcycled material, it sends a message across. Impress your clients and visitors with a unique visiting cardholder. Taking such steps tells people that you genuinely care about the environment and who knows, people just might start imitating, all the better for a greener earth.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

And do so in a sustainable way. How many times will you walk to the cooler and grab a paper cup for water? Drinking water is a healthy habit and you must adhere to it. But don’t do so at the cost of the environment. Keep a clay or glass bottle right at your desk and stay hydrated.

  • Sit comfortably

Sitting is the new smoking they say! So let not your chair damage your posture. Sit comfortably with a cushion to support your spine. That way, at the end of the day, you won’t have to endure a terrible back-pain.

  • Replacing the mainstream with the eco-friendly

Source: TBI.

As convenient as file folders are, they are usually made of plastic and once their work is done, they become a nuisance to the environment. Now, we don’t want your workplace to be cluttered so go for an eco-friendly option instead.

Similarly, your notebook need not be made up of virgin paper at the cost of several trees. Handmade paper is a wonderful alternative and you can go for a notebook made of those. Or better yet, go for a notebook that has plantable seeds embedded!

  • Keep food and drinks handy

Whether you are a tea aficionado or a coffee addict, a piping hot beverage always works like a charm. But, the sustainable part begins when you know that the beverage you are drinking is free of artificial flavouring and made by people who are working to empower women in the remote parts of our country.

While you are at it, keep healthy snacks handy too. Chips, jam spreads and sweets are tasty go-to options when lunchtime seems hours away. But, make sure that the snacks are healthy because we don’t want to spoil the diet plans, right?

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

Feature image courtesy: TBI.

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