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MY STORY: This Retired Senior Citizen Uses His Time And Savings To Control City Traffic

MY STORY: This Retired Senior Citizen Uses His Time And Savings To Control City Traffic

Here is a story shared by our reader about a senior citizen in Amritsar, who is using all his time and effort to control traffic in the city. Read about this inspiring man and get motivated to make a difference today!

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I was on my way to meet one of my friends and I was so frustrated with the traffic at the Crystal Chowk, Queens road (Amritsar). I got stuck at this roundabout for almost 15 minutes because of traffic and to make it worse the traffic lights were not working which made every thing chaotic. Somehow, after about half an hour later, I was able to cross that roundabout. And what was making me even more scared was that I had to get back via this same route after meeting my friend.

And to my surprise when I was coming back all the traffic was smoothly managed even though there was no traffic cop and the traffic lights were still not working. I saw one elderly gentleman guiding the traffic and he was doing it very well.

Shri Harjinder Singh
Shri Harjinder Singh

I parked my car on the side (ensuring it’s away from all the traffic!) and started observing. I was really intrigued and impressed and so eventually I walked upto him and thanked him for what he was doing. And while I was talking to him, the traffic lights resumed working. He introduced himself and offered me a cup of tea. We went to a nearby tea stall and got talking more. His name was Sh. Harjinder Singh, a senior citizen aged 65 years and had retired from the post of a police sub-inspector in August 2009. Ever since, he has been providing his services to regulate traffic! He works selflessly towards reducing the traffic chaos and teaching traffic etiquette to drivers.


I was curious and asked him that since he had retired and this was the time when he could just sit back at home and play with his grandchildren or do any leisurely activity, why would he do all this? And his answer was,

“I had watched civilians working as traffic marshals to manage traffic in some foreign countries on television. It instantly came to my mind that I can also work as a traffic marshal after retirement,” said Harjinder Singh.

“More and more people should come forward to reduce the traffic chaos in the city,” he added. “I feel that there is a need to educate school students as they are the future drivers.”

He was very happy and shared his phone number with me and he thanked me for stopping by and acknowledging his efforts.

“It motivates me to save people’s lives from road accidents,” he added.

We still have people in our society who work for the welfare of society. He is 65 and could’ve easily taken a more relaxed path in life. However, he patrols around the city on his bike all day and offers his service whereever it is required. He doesn’t get paid for this job – in fact he uses his retirement savings to contribute towards regulating traffic.

Shared by Charanjeet Singh Malak

About the author: Charanjeet Singh Malak was working with an MNC until an accident forced him to be on a break in Amritsar. When he observed this selfless act of an elderly man, he decided to share this story with us in order to inspire us all and give recognition to an unsung hero.

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