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Hair Spa to Acne: 9 Honey Hacks That Can Work Wonders for Your Beauty Regime!

Hair Spa to Acne: 9 Honey Hacks That Can Work Wonders for Your Beauty Regime!

Looking forward to pampering yourself this weekend? All you need is a bottle of natural honey — an un-bee-lievably versatile product that can truly sweeten up your beauty routine! #Lifestyle #LiveGreen

It always fascinates me how versatile certain food products are. These products are not expensive, or ones that we buy solely to solve one issue. Instead, they are available in our kitchen almost always as ingredients to our meals.

My favourite of such items is honey.

Growing up, honey was usually a bread-spread or an addition to green tea in my house. It was also my favourite medicine to tackle cough as the medicinal properties of this amber liquid have been practiced since ancient times.

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And now, I have come to understand that it is the most pocket-friendly, versatile natural beauty product that can retain your glow and shine from head to toe (quite literally)!

Here’s how this single ingredient can help everything from acne to hair fall and dry skin to dark circles.



  • Acne is a sign that our facial skin has a lot of impurities that it cannot handle. All you have to do is dab some honey on the spots and leave it for a minimum of 20 minutes. Repeat this at least twice every week for a month and see how your skin clears up!
  • In fact, make it a habit to use honey not only as a face mask but also a face wash. Every day – once you wake up and before bed – splash your face with cool water. Spread on honey like a face wash, let it work its charm for a couple of minutes and wash it away with lukewarm water. You will soon start seeing the marvellous results. Also, since honey tightens pores, it will not only make your skin look younger but will reduce acne and blackheads!
Source: ExplorerBob/ Pixabay.
  • If regular massages with coconut oil aren’t helping your hair, then the addition of honey is a must-try! Next time, mix equal proportions of honey and coconut oil and apply on damp hair. Keep it for about 15 minutes before washing it off. Your hair will be softer without any spa treatments! Bee-lieve in the power of honey!
  • Honey moisturises not just your hair but your skin too! Wash your hands and feet thoroughly before applying a thin layer of it and keep it so for about half an hour. It will feel sticky, and your movements might be restricted but the result will be worth it. Wash away with lukewarm water and follow this regime once every day.
  • If your lips are chapped all the time, perhaps a chemical-infused lip-balm is not a good choice for you. Switch to a natural remedy and apply a layer of honey on your lips every day.
Source: Lolame/ Pixabay.
  • If waxing sessions are very exhaustive for you in terms of both money and skin softness, honey is the way to go! Mix equal portions of honey and sugar (about two tablespoons will be a good start) and squeeze a few drops of lemon in it. Heat this mixture in the microwave or on the stove and you have your wax! You know the drill, apply a thin layer on unwanted hair, place the waxing strip carefully and pull!
  • If you are a razor person but experience bumps after shaving, apply honey as a soothing gel.



  • Do you burn the midnight oil and your eyes are showing clear signs of it? Or did you inherit permanent dark circles from your parents (join the club)? You don’t have to spend hundreds of rupees on a tiny tube of skin lighteners. Just apply a thick layer of honey on the dark circles, let it sit for about half an hour and wash it off. You can also add a tiny bit of turmeric for better results but be careful because it might leave a yellow tinge.
  • Unwanted hair on your face? Mix two tablespoons oatmeal with about the same amount of honey and massage this face pack on your skin. Let it rest for a while before washing with water. This is not an instant hair removal process and rather a long term solution. So you may have to be patient with the technique.

On a lazy weekend, when all you want to do is pamper yourself, take out your bottle of honey and start your personal care regime. Whether you want a facial cleansing, a hair spa or waxing session, honey is enough.

And you know what they say: Organic is always better. Don’t let chemicals get in the way of your home-salon session. Buy honey that is both cruelty and chemical-free from our shop, here.

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(Edited by Vinayak Hegde)

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