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Giving CPR to Rescuing a Family From a Mob: 5 Civil Servants Who Saved Lives

Giving CPR to Rescuing a Family From a Mob: 5 Civil Servants Who Saved Lives

Recently, Daman Collector Rakesh Minhas was hailed as a hero after he stopped his car on the roadside to administer emergency first aid to a person electrocuted by high-tension wires! #Respect #RealLifeHeroes #LeadingByExample

Civil servants in India have a challenging job. Aside from fulfilling their rigorous, yet regular, administrative duties, they are also pressed into action in the event of natural disasters, riot-like situations, insurgencies and other such emergencies.

Here are five such examples, where civil servants have either use their expertise or put their own lives at risk to save their fellow human beings.

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1. Dr Abhishek Pallava, IPS

Dr Abhishek Pallava, IPS. (Source: Facebook)
Dr Abhishek Pallava, IPS. (Source: Facebook)

In March 2017, the then Additional SP of Bastar, Dr Abhishek Pallava made headlines for saving the life of a Maoist, Somaru, who was shot during an operation.

“Time was the key to saving his life as he was losing blood profusely and I being a trained doctor could not have looked the other way,” said Dr Pallava, in a conversation with Hindustan Times.

Shot in the abdomen, the Maoist was losing a lot of blood and writhing in agony. Despite an ongoing operation, Dr Pallava didn’t forget his Hippocratic oath and saved his life. Had he bled for a few more minutes, the Maoist would have surely died.

2. Dr Rakesh Minhas, IAS

Dr Rakesh Minhas (Source: Twitter/Rakesh Minhas)
Dr Rakesh Minhas (Source: Twitter/Rakesh Minhas)

Earlier this week, Dr Ramkesh Minhas, a 2016-batch IAS officer and Collector of Daman, was on his way from Silvassa in Dadra and Nagar Haveli to Daman, when he witnessed a small crowd gathered around two people lying on the ground.

Curious to know what was happening, he stepped out of his vehicle and found out that high tension wires had electrocuted the two men.

“I first rushed to the man who was less injured. Upon administering CPR, he recovered in about five minutes. I moved on to the other man, but he had suffered a grievous head wound and lost a lot of blood. Despite first aid, I believe, he passed away,” says Dr Minhas, speaking to Mumbai Mirror.

3. Sarvana Vivek M, IPS

Saravana Vivek M
Saravana Vivek M

On April 8, 2019, IPS officer Saravana Vivek M was driving from Gunupur municipality in Odisha to Rayagada. His journey back to his district of jurisdiction was almost over when he saw a crowd of people gathering on the road.

He found out that three men were lying injured after an accident. Two victims had minor injuries, but the other was bleeding through his nose, showing symptoms of severe head injuries. “I gave him water and applied first aid. But I knew that the ambulance would take a long time to reach the spot due to the condition of the road. So I decided to take them to the hospital in my car,” he told The Better India. The police officer had saved his life by ferrying him in his car.

4. Harssh A Poddar, IPS

IPS officer Harssh A Poddar
IPS officer Harssh A Poddar

Back in June 2018, the then Additional Superintendent of Police, Malegaon, Harssh A Poddar received a desperate cry for help. A family of five—two men, two women and a one-year-old child—were surrounded by a mob in the Azad Nagar area.

The mob had suspected that the family were a gang of ‘child lifters.’ With another instance of a mob lynching five people over similar rumours in Dhule, which is 40 minutes away from Malegaon, happening just 12 hours ago, the officer had to intervene immediately.

With a police force of only 50 facing off against a mob of 1,500, Poddar himself approached the area with four sections of the State Reserve Police Force (SRPF) and another riot control platoon. The police started using controlled force on the crowd and lathi-charged them, pushing them away. “Two boleros were brought, and the family was rescued and sent to the furthest possible police stations in the town,” he told The Better India.

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5. Ashish Dahiya, IAS

While some end up living to tell the tale of how they saved someone’s life, some tragically lost their lives.

It was the same fate that met 30-year-old trainee IAS officer Ashish Dahiya from Sonepat, Haryana, who died trying to save a woman colleague in a swimming pool of the Foreign Service Institute in South Delhi in May 2017.

Dahiya was among two dozen fellow trainee officers who had gathered for a pool party before they were to leave for their assigned postings. During the gathering, a woman of the Indian Revenue Service officer slipped and fell inside a 10-feet-deep pool.

Dahiya and some officers jumped in to pull the lady out of the water. Unfortunately, once the dust had settled, those gathered there had realised Dahiya was missing. They soon found him in floating in the water face down. Despite attempts to revive him, he passed away.

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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