Quiz: From Cotton to Silk, How Many Indian Fabrics Can You Name?

Every thread of your ethnic Indian wear has a story of origin woven in it. This National Handloom Day, understand the “fabric of India” better!

Indian Fabrics Are a Treasure! But How Many Can You Name?

The only reason my friends ask me when I plan to marry is that they can’t wait to try on a traditional nauvari sadi or a plain white dhotar (dhoti). Just last year saw us rushing to Kolkata to attend a Bengali friend’s wedding where gushed over the lal-par Shada saree that most women were draped in. And whenever my Malayali friend travels to his hometown, I ask him to get me either a lungi or a set mundu.

The intriguing cultural diversity of our nation is apparent in our languages, beliefs and cuisine, but nowhere is it more obvious than in the clothes we wear.

Textiles, fabric and embroidery form an integral part of our culture and this National Handlooms Day, we invite you to answer the following quiz.

1. Guess the attire
2. Pochampally and Sambalpuri Ikat are two well-loved Indian textile traditions. But do you know which language the word 'Ikat' originates from?
3. What type of saree is this?
4. Guess the saree
5. The women of which State wear the traditional handwoven cotton dress with the three components of Risa, rikutu and Rigwnai?
6. Can you guess this Odia saree?
7. Guess the fabric
8. Can you guess what shawl is this?
9. These trademark red and white chequered cotton sarees from Goa derive their name from an Adivasi tribe of the same name.
10. What is this beautiful saree called?
11. Can you name this saree?
Indian Fabrics Are a Treasure! But How Many Can You Name?
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