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How do bacteria work in floor cleaners?

We have curated a number of bacteria species that release enzymes and break down solid material. The bacteria use organic matter like grease, soil and dust as their food and just how they decompose a vegetable in the open air, the bacteria break it down. The only difference is the bacteria are curated to make the process much quicker.

 The Better Home cleaners believe in taking lessons from nature and ensuring nature is not unduely adversely affected by our activities.

What are the ingredients in the floor cleaners?

1. Non-pathogenic micro-organisms - These bacteria are isolated from nature and are in a dormant stage. When exposed to organic solids, like the dust on your floors, they release bio enzymes to break down complex substances and start consuming them.

2. Anionic and ionic surfactants - Surfactants loosen surface tension between two liquids, solids or a liquid and a solid. These nature-derived surfactants make it easy for you to loosen stubborn stains.

3. Processed essential oils - Made of herbs, these essential oils will leave your floor with a mild fragrance - not so strong that your pets are repelled but not so subtle that you won’t notice.

How are they safe for us?

  • The ingredients in the floor cleaners are tested negative for toxicity. And while elementary precautions are still advised, it will not harm you in the long run.
  • About 70-80 per cent of the ingredients biodegrade within 28 days of entering a natural ecosystem. Even in this short time, they do not affect their surroundings, plants and animals in any way. The rest biodegrades over the next 3 months.
  • Deep cleaning is what bacteria-based floor cleaners guarantee. This means that they don’t simply sterilise your floors but break down complex substances to clean them.
  • The floor cleaners can be used on marble, granite, and glass surfaces. You are advised against using them on wooden flooring because water-based cleaners affect the wood polish.
  • Dilute 10 ml (2 caps) of the floor cleaners in 1-litre water. This should be enough to mop around 400 sq ft of floor area.



Tell me more about this!

A revolutionary product, The Better Home floor cleaner is redefining our daily chores:


The ingredients are derived from nature and biodegrade within 30 days of entering natural ecosystems.


Regular use of the bacteria-based floor cleaners will ensure longer action by the ingredients on your flooring, even in the cracks between tiles.


You can even water your plants with the used water! The cleaner has been tested negative for toxicity and is completely safe to use.

No Extra Agents

Let’s redefine our floor cleaning. No unnecessary foaming agents or strong perfumes that drive our pets, and health, out of the house

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