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VIDEO: Republic Day Is Over. So What Happens To All Those Tiny Flags We Loved Yesterday?


Yesterday we as a nation celebrated our 66th Republic Day. We watched the flag hoisting ceremonies, cheered at the parades and wore our patriotism on our sleeves and lapels. But what happens to those bits of paper and metal that we so lovingly adorned yesterday? Hear the heartfelt plea of one of those forlorn flags in this simple yet meaningful video:

English Transcript:

Yesterday you pinned me onto your chest, so filled with pride
And today; you won’t even spare a glance?
What happened to the patriotism, love, pride, and respect for the country?
Is it all gone, in just a day?
Alright, that’s OK I guess.
You might not do it for the sake of your country,
But for the sake of all those Likes your Flag Selfie got you on Facebook,
Do listen to me.
A lot of my siblings will probably in deplorable conditions today. Trampled upon, thrown away in the garbage, torn and tattered; there is no end to the hardships they might have to go through.
Save them.
Do you know there was a time…
When fearless bravehearts gave up their all, to ink my colours with the sacrifice of their young blood
It was a time when you didn’t need a national holiday to proclaim the greatness of your motherland
And it made no difference to anyone’s life that a day of significance to the country happened to be a ‘Dry Day’
You have grown up in recent times though; independence and a Republic nation are a mere inheritance.
But whether or not you care about the Indian Constitution, I know for a fact that you definitely care about the national holiday!
And I got you that, right?
So don’t you think you owe me one?
I’m quite sure you can manage this little bit for me…
If you happen to see the Indian tricolor, lying forlorn on the street,
Save it from any more insult. Pick it up and take it home.


Created and published by Change OK Please.

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