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What is it Made up of?

Extracted from sugarcane, coconut and palm, the liquid is made from plant-based surfactants, enzymes that are derived naturally and CMC (cellulose) - all in a citrus fragrance. These ingredients are completely natural, safe and biodegradable.

How Does it Work?

The plant-based surfactants loosen tough stains on your fabric while the CMC (cellulose) ensures that the detached dirt remains in the water, all while giving clothes a pleasant citrus fragrance.

Safe For You & The Planet

As all the ingredients are natural and eco-friendly, they are safe for your skin and do not cause any damage to your clothes. They are also completely biodegradable and the wastewater post-laundry can even be used to water your plants.

Tell me more about this!

You can use around 30ml (6 capfuls) for a regular wash and 45ml (9 capfuls) for a heavy wash. The wastewater generated from the laundry degrades into simple components and won’t cause any harm to our water bodies.


The ingredients used in the laundry liquid is completely natural and degrades into benign particles that won’t cause any harm to our oceans.


Unlike other laundry liquids and detergents, this does not contain any phosphates or bleach and keeps the PH value of water neutral.


The natural enzyme-based formula of the liquid is effective on tough stains and helps break down organic particles.

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