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MY VIEW: 7 Life Lessons I Learned By Watching PK

Our reader Nalin Rai watched the Hindi film PK to see what it was that made the movie the nation's biggest box office grosser in spite of vociferous protests against it. Here are 7 life lessons he learned from it.

MY VIEW: 7 Life Lessons I Learned By Watching PK

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Our reader Nalin Rai watched the Hindi film PK to see what it was that made the movie the nation’s biggest box office grosser in spite of vociferous protests against it. Here are 7 life lessons he learned from it.

Cinema has been one of the most visible mediums of expressions and also one of the most favored means of entertainment for the common man of this country.

It is cinema that provides him the escape route from the drudgery of his existence, which he endures day after day. So its no wonder that when a film like PK comes along, it indeed provides cannon fodder for the conformists to raise voices of protest against it. But its success also points to the fact that, as a country we have started growing up and now have the confidence to at least laugh at the systems and practices that have been bequeathed to us by our forefathers and which we have continued to practice as legacy, unquestioned.

When I analyse it in terms of the lessons of life I got from watching it, these 7 immediately come to mind:

1. Question all beliefs and ideologies from a scientific temper


And do not bow down and accept the traditions and practices just because they have a continuum of generations associated with it.

2. Radio indeed has power


Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, would be proud that his prophecy about this instrument of communication – (“I see power in radio”) – is being echoed in a distinct manner through the film.

3. “Atithi Devo Bhava” – The guest is still as good as God to us


Manifest in the fact that a Bhairon Singh, who had met PK only for sometime, decided to come back and help him adjust in a different world. It also subtly underlines the basic premise that one needs to have faith in humanity.

4. Taking decisions emotionally can cost one in the long run


Anushka Sharma’s character in the movie quite often took decisions in haste and in the throes of emotional turmoil. We clearly see that’s not a great idea!

5. Find the true person within


It is not the identities and the physical forms of it that defines an individual. One has to scratch the veneer to find out what the person really is – as was shown clearly by PK when he paraded the characters in different religious attires and it was found that they were not practicing the religion as per the costumes in which they appeared at court.

6. Keep faith in The Supreme – but be wary of his “messengers”


The Supreme refers to the supposed power that runs this universe, as it is the catalyst that kindles hope and faith of the humanity in the echo system of this planet. One has to beware of the pseudo-Gods who have set shops in the name of the Almighty and be able to see through their motives.

7.  Believe in your daughters


The time has come when daughters are showing that they are in no way lesser than their brothers.

-Nalin Rai

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About the author: Nalin Rai is a development professional who likes to bring to relief the development initiatives happening on their own in the moffusil parts of India and bring them into mainstream.

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