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Letter From A Reader: How My Life Changed When I Discovered The Better India In 2014

Letter From A Reader: How My Life Changed When I Discovered The Better India In 2014

Here is how The Better India's positive stories made Manabi look at life with a more positive perspective. Read more about what impacted her the most and what brought a change in her life.

Manabi sent us a Thank You note on the last day of 2014. It touched us so deeply that we just had to share with everyone! Do read it below and tell us if we reached out to you in any way like this! 

Dear Team TBI,

I came across ‘The better India’ somewhere in the mid of this year (2014). Before this I used to watch most of the news channels. It’s not that they never showed positive stories but those were overshadowed with the negative ones. I remember once I was watching one of these few positive stories. The story was about a physically impaired computer engineer. He was talking about his success story with a smile on his face, which brought a smile on mine too and all of a sudden a reporter came in and apologized for stopping the positive story as there was a breaking news. And of course, the breaking news was so disturbing that I completely lost that smile for the next few days.

This was what was happening before TBI. But TBI gave me an uninterrupted smile with no breaking news in between. It was not about TRP for TBI but it was all about positivity.


I don’t know about others but it has surely transformed my way of thinking. I was an ordinary housewife, who believed that housewives are meant to be ordinary. And then I read about Meera Vasudevan’s mobile crèche and Ritu Abbhi’s drawing room school.

Ritu Abbhi's school.
Ritu Abbhi’s school.

I was ‘just’ a mother and thought it’s not a big deal. But then I read about Sindhutai Sapkal who was awarded Padmshree for ‘just’ being a mother to thousands of street children.

Sindhutai Sapkal
Sindhutai Sapkal

I thought my husband had the worst job as he has to work on Sundays too. And TBI showed me how Mrs. Kavita Karkare stood for the rights of hundreds of widows of police officers, whose husbands never came back from work.

Kavita Karkare
Kavita Karkare

I felt sad sometimes when I did not have the matching pair of shoes with my outfit. And then I saw the smiling face of ‘Sita’, who was satisfied and happy with her life in spite of having no legs.


I wrote to the TBI team in the month of September with very less hopes of getting a reply. But the people with such positive stories were even more positive in their emails. Thanks to Anuradha who encouraged me to write for TBI. Thanks to Dhimant and Saurabh for connecting me to the Hindi section of TBI.

Getting connected to TBI was the best thing that happened to me. I came across some stories which were right from my neighborhood. It was like an eye opener. I mean, I knew about every single sad story that was happening miles away from me through the news channels. But I never cared enough to look into the positive ones right beside me. This changed my perspective towards life completely. I started searching for something positive in everything. I was taught to thank for everything that I received all through the year on the last day. So here I am thanking you for every positive story that you gave us all through the year.

Thanks for this transformation Team TBI. You guys are the real life super heroes who can lead every negative story towards a happy ending!

Thanks for everything in 2014 and wish you more success and positivity in 2015!!


– Manabi Katoch

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About the Reader: Manabi Katoch is a Mechanical Engineer, although she always wanted to study arts. Having been brought up listening to Tagore’s poems and stories, she loves writing poems and stories on social and political issues. Few of her poems can be viewed at and satires at She has worked with Wipro, Frankfinn and Educomp in the past.

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