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Shaping Tomorrow: 5 Children Tell Us What They Want for India from Elections 2019

Shaping Tomorrow: 5 Children Tell Us What They Want for India from Elections 2019

Children today are exposed to a lot more than we had access to, their questions and way of thinking also is different.

A few days ago as I sat with my morning cup of coffee, my 6-year-old asked me several questions about the upcoming elections.

His queries were clear and precise. He knew what he wanted answers to and that surprised me—I could barely spell the word ‘election’ when I was his age.

Children today are exposed to a lot more than we had access to, and their questions and way of thinking also is different.

In this article, we spoke to children from various states between the ages of 8-16, and asked them what they hoped that election 2019 would bring. We also invited them to mention three areas of concern, which they would like to see addressed.

Here are the answers:

1. Arka Pudota

Age: 15


Arka is someone who is extremely passionate about farmers and agriculture in India, and his response makes this amply clear.

“I would like to have a stable government where everyone’s voice is heard. I would also like to see the elected government give agriculture, malnutrition, and water shortage, their due importance,” he begins.

Arya hopes that the country moves a step forward when it comes to the modernisation of agriculture by adopting the latest technology, which already exists in countries such as the USA and Germany.

Keeping in mind the above, he also has the following suggestions for the government:

• Invest in the creation of agricultural technology.
• Provide incentives to farmers in a region who grow crops suitable to the given region.
• Develop grain processing units in rural areas for relevant crops. This is necessary to ensure their complete cultivation, and for farmers to make a better profit.
• Develop an efficient and cheaper means of transport for transporting agricultural produce around the country.
• Educate farmers about the latest technology and train them to use it.
• Educate the urban population about agricultural practices, so that they do not entirely depend upon farmers to fulfil their nutritional requirements.
• Reduce deforestation and promote afforestation to control the climate and prevent water shortages.

He urges every eligible voter to come out and cast his or her vote and concludes by wishing for a corruption-free 2019 election.

Read more about Arka here.

2. Taira Bhargava

Age: 16


Not one to complain about problems, Taira is best described as someone who is looking to make a difference and be a part of the solution.

When asked about her expectations from the upcoming elections, she said:

• Access to good quality education

“It is imperative for children even the most under-developed regions, to have access to education as it contributes to the overall betterment of the economy.”

• Women’s safety

“I believe crimes against women and road rage have become so common that we have stopped reacting to it. We need to take a stand and fight this.”

• Protecting the environment

“We are incredibly insensitive when it comes to the environment, and are also the direct cause of several creatures becoming extinct. This should end because it is our moral obligation to protect and preserve the planet.”

Taira emphasises on the importance of upcycling and concludes by saying that she wants to live in a happy nation.

Isn’t that such a simple wish? Let’s hope she gets what she wants!

Read more about Taira here.

3. Kyra Kanojia

Age: 8


When asked what she wishes for, she says, “I want the leader to work towards protecting the environment, provide education, and equality for all. I also want India to become a superpower.”

She also hopes that in 2019 India will have a female Prime Minister.

The top three concerns that she hopes will be addressed are:

1. Pure air, water, and food.
2. Quality Education for all.
3. Equality for all.

Read more about Kyra here.

4. Aarav Verma

Age: 12


A well-established artist, Aarav spends a lot of his time in creative pursuits. His primary concern is the increase in the number of vehicles in his city, which in turn has drastically reduced the green spaces for children.

“Living in Gurugram one of the major issues we face is pollution, and I do hope that there is a long term solution, soon,” he says.

Ahead of the elections, Aarav wishes for the following to happen:

• More opportunities for artists.
• A better appreciation of their talent.
• Better avenues for young artists to showcase and hone their skill.

Read about Aarav here.

5. Aayaan Aggarwal

Age: 8


Aayaan is an ardent supporter of the environment, and it features at the top of his wishlist. He says that he wishes to see India become a clean and green country, and is willing to help towards that goal.

The three concerns he wishes to get addressed are:

• Protection of the environment.
• Better and improved infrastructure.
• A greater push towards banning single-use plastics.
• More thrust towards protecting and preserving our marine life.

Aayaan says that he also wants to see India being named as one of the ‘must-visit’ destinations in the world.

Read more about Aayaan here.

These young Indians are our future stakeholders, and it is imperative that we pay attention to what have to say about the state of affairs.

Here’s hoping their concerns get addressed sooner than later.

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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