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Period Pain to Gardening Goals: 5 Women on YouTube You Need to Follow Now!

From book reviews to rare recipes, these five women are blazing quite a trail on India's YouTube scene. They also have some of the highest subscriber bases in the country!

Period Pain to Gardening Goals: 5 Women on YouTube You Need to Follow Now!

If there is any platform where people are not discriminated, it is YouTube. The online video sharing website not only provides ample opportunities for everyone to showcase their talents but also proves efficient at revenue generation.

Shattering the myth that the Indian entertainment sector is dominated by men, the presence of female YouTubers is growing rapidly across the world.

No longer is the role of women confined to acting. Today, they are venturing into production, writing, directing, and other roles. YouTube then becomes the perfect platform to exhibit their knowledge, skills, and talent.

We look at five self-made women in the Indian YouTube scene who are generating well-curated content and setting serious goals for others around the world.

1. For People Who Dare To Dream

Photo Source: Sonali Bhadauria – Live To Dance/Facebook

With more than 11 million views and 16 lakh subscribers on her channel, Sonali Bhadauria from Maharashtra quit her well-paying job at Infosys to follow her passion. Having no training in dance, Sonali took a huge risk and started her channel ‘LiveToDance With Sonali’ in 2016.

From dancing on hit numbers like Shape of You and Nashe Si Chad Gayi, choreographing various events and weddings, to now taking dancing workshops, the 29-year-old dancer proved the famous cliché of turning dreams into reality.

Speaking to The Better India, she says, “Every morning, I tell myself that it was all possible because I took a risk, put myself out there and worked my hardest. It’s important to do the right thing at the right time, with the right platform, and social media helped me do that. And, thanks to that, my career has indeed just begun!”

Her viral videos even took her to London for a contest at Ed Sheeran’s concert. She won and soon had an international fan base.

2. For People Who Want ‘Ghar Ka Khaana’

Photo Source: Nisha Madhulika/YouTube

“A lot more goes into home-cooked food than just vegetables, oil and spices. A little bit of love, a dash of care, and a lot of togetherness,” reads Nisha Madhulika’s Facebook profile.

A homemaker in Noida, Nisha started her career at 54 in 2007 by launching a website, followed by a YouTube channel in 2011. Her channel gives out recipes of delicious dishes, original and traditional. It has 68 lakh subscribers (6,801,728)!

So far, she has posted over 1,000 videos on her channel. Recently, the Indian Express reports that she was featured in the YouTube Top Chefs coffee table book.

Every time she posts a video, thousands of people thank her for sharing her secret recipes. Sachi Subrahmanyam comments, “I saw your recipes for stuffed parathas and followed the same. Now I am confident of making decent stuffed parathas. I like the way you explain every minute detail. Great going, Nisha Madhulika.”

This self-made YouTuber is making her presence felt in a field that is largely dominated by the Gen-Next.

3. For People Who Believe In A Sustainable Lifestyle

Photo Source: Garden Up/YouTube

Leaning towards the concept of DIY or Do-It-Yourself, Ekta, a PhD student, is known for making videos that help make our surroundings greener in the simplest ways.

Every week, the PhD scholar shares her efforts of growing edibles, flowers and succulents in her 30 sq ft balcony garden.

She gives an insight into the kind of indoor plants and seeds one can choose from while giving useful trivia about gardening. To make her videos friendlier, she gives tips about the plantation and also reviews her projects from time to time.

“I am a full-time PhD student, who spent a couple of years studying natural ecosystems in the rich jungles of south India. After returning from my fieldwork, I started missing the greenery in my urban life. So I took up gardening and have been pursuing it seriously and passionately ever since,” reads her YouTube bio.

To give an idea of her quirkiness, in a recent video, she talks about how to grow indoor plants from cuttings. “After I moved to Mumbai, I realised how expensive indoor plants are. So, I want to share how to grow snake and money plants from cuttings,” she says. After that, she goes on to explain the process.

Her other ‘green’ videos include growing fruits and vegetables at home, preparing compost from waste, and shopping tips when buying plants from nurseries.

Her channel ‘Garden Up’ has over one lakh subscribers and her total video views since 2017 stand at five crore.

4. For Bookworms

Photo Source: Helly/YouTube

Proudly calling herself a Bookworm, Helly Chatterjee has close to 1.5 lakh subscribers on her YouTube channel ‘Helly’. She reviews books from all genres, including, fiction, non-fiction, thriller, horror, technology, and business.

Besides reviewing, she also produces informative videos, especially for students. In a recent video, she talks about the Forest App. This is for people who are addicted to their phones. After you set a timer on the app, you cannot navigate to other apps, and if you do, a leaf from the forest displayed on the application will fall. The idea is to ensure that it doesn’t become a barren one.

Then, she goes on to list nine other useful apps. On popular demand from viewers, she came out with a video teaching English to beginners. Likewise, Helly makes sure that her readers get inspired to read books and get useful information.

5. For People Who Want To Know About Feminine Hygiene

Photo Source: Hygiene and You/YouTube

For many, hygiene is a synonym to brushing, flossing, bathing, and deodorising. However, being a woman, it demands much more than that. Maintaining feminine hygiene in intimate areas plays a huge role in a woman’s reproductive and sexual health, as well as the overall quality of her life.

Therefore, it is necessary to practice feminine hygiene regularly to prevent vaginal irritation, dryness, unnatural vaginal odours, and other problems.

If you want tips on menstrual hygiene, female anatomy, Reusable Menstrual Products (RUMPs) or other related topics, visit ‘Hygiene and You’ channel started by Priyanka Jain in 2015. She has a total of 25,000 subscribers.

“I have been using alternative products like menstrual cups, cloth pads, period underwear, and labia pads since 2006. My health issues also prompted me to try several new products and make wiser lifestyle choices, she says in one her videos.

What The YouTube Global Stats Reveal

In 2018, the list of highest paid YouTube stars had no woman in it, reports The Independent. The article further explains that there is no direct relation between the number of subscribers or video views and the YouTuber’s earnings. This also shows that investors are not investing equally between male and female creators.

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Unfortunately, like every other sector, the economic disparity is visible in YouTube as well. We hope that these female stars from India change this.

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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