This Viral Reddit Post Will Help You Support The Visually Impaired in The Best Way

"The first time I got a call asking about flavour names on milk packets, the interaction felt quite surreal. It was sudden and just in the moment," read one of the many heartwarming comments on the post.

The act of helping has rewards for both, the giver and the taker, and this online volunteer proved it right.

A subreddit, r/HumansBeingBros, is one such platform which welcomes volunteers from across the world to extend a helping hand to those in need, especially those affected by a physical disability.

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A volunteer who goes by the username, jambhul was one among many who signed up for a web application, Be My Eyes. The app equips willing volunteers to help visually-challenged individuals.

But, it was the post he shared about his touching experience, which hit the right chord and went viral, inspiring hundreds more to download the free application and take up the initiative, as reported by The Indian Express.

In the Reddit post, jambhul said, “So I came across the app on r/humansbeingbros . I really liked the idea of it. Blind people call you and ask you to be their eyes for some little task. I saw some comments there complaining that they never got the call asking them to help. So I didn’t think I’d get any calls. I installed it anyway and selected Marathi, Hindi and English as my languages.”

Be My Eyes is a free application that connects people with low or no vision to volunteers who give them visual assistance through a live video call.

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Once connected, he shared how a man called him and showed a Rs 500 note to ask what denomination it was.

And, the realisation that a task as simple as that can make a difference to someone’s life suddenly overwhelmed him.

“I told him, and I almost cried after hanging up the call! It was a surreal experience. Life is so bad for me right now and to be able to help someone, to experience that kind of wholesomeness really perked me up! You all should try it and get blind people you know to use it,” he added.

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The touching post went viral with over a thousand upvotes and a sea of comments from other volunteers sharing their own experiences.

“It was an elderly lady in some European country perhaps, and she wanted to ‘see’ around in a room, perhaps a study room she was alone, and unfamiliar with. There were books, papers, table, chair, etc, that I guided here. I couldn’t agree more with the feeling of fulfilment after she thanked me whole-heartedly and blessed me, at the end of around 5-6 mins call. Since that day, I’ve changed 3 phones, and have kept the app on all (didn’t have the app installed for few months in between), but no more calls ever since,” a volunteer said.

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Another added, “The first time I got a call asking about flavour names on milk packets, the interaction felt quite surreal. It was sudden and just in the moment, ironically lights up your world.”

Through the virtual world to the real world, this small act of helping has begun a revolution of sorts, which is urging one to help another- the very basis of humanity.

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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