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Honey: The natural sweetener that isn’t so natural anymore

Major factors like the season when bees extract the nectar, their species and the flowers they collect it from define the taste and texture of honey. So how do big brands promise uniformity of taste and texture all year round from millions of bees, spread over a country as vast and environmentally diverse as India? The answer - their honey is not only highly processed, but also, in some cases, has other taste mixes and syrups added. Not very sustainable at all.

Honey, I shrunk your flavour choice!

So does honey need to be scratched off your grocery list for reasons of sustainability? We assure you, no. Honey is a very nutritious sweetener and when collected ethically, can be a sustainable alternative to processed sugar. Choose your brands wisely and you’ll realise that honey that comes in a variety of flavours, each offering a unique health benefit. The flavours are a result of different bee species collecting flowers from different flowers in various seasons.

Tell me more!

Replace uniform-tasting honey with healthier, more sustainable options


Honey is a healthy replacement to the calorie-heavy white processed sugar.


This honey is not mass produced or extensively processed. Rather, it follows a sustainable process of collection from bee-hives.

Nutritional Value

Every flavour also adds a unique nutritional value. So you can choose a flavour that best suits your health needs.


Every bottle of honey here is procured from forests across India and helps the tribal population get respectable income for their labour.


With a woody flavour and a medium dense texture, this honey is procured from the bees found in Telangana. It contains no preservatives.


Not much of a sweet tooth? Go for a Tulsi flavour from Uttaranchal. The bitter taste of tulsi & honey’s sweetness balance each other.


Procured from the vegetations of Gujarat, this honey is for those who love berries. Make your cereals and sweets a tad healthier with honey from the ber tree.


Get honey like the bees get it - from a variety of flowers, each providing different nutritional value. Indulge in a pot of flowery tasting honey from Haryana


From the Western Ghats of Karnataka, comes this spicy cinnamon honey for those who prefer a dollop over sugar in their green tea or coffee.

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