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Brushes to Cloth: 10 ‘Green Gold’ Alternatives That Will Help You Go Plastic-Free

Brushes to Cloth: 10 ‘Green Gold’ Alternatives That Will Help You Go Plastic-Free

Because of its versatility, one can find a diverse range of products fashioned out of bamboo.

Taxonomically categorised as a ‘grass,’ Bamboo is perhaps one of the most underutilised gift from nature to humanity.

We are all aware that trees that take years to mature before being chopped for various uses. However, what makes this ‘green gold’ the perfect solution to counter various environmental crises is its ability to grow at a supremely fast pace without the use of any chemicals!

In addition to that, bamboo is known to possess a higher specific compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete, and a specific tensile strength that rivals steel.

In the last few years, a market for bamboo products has slowly expanded across India—quite possibly inspired by the northeastern states where bamboo has been a source of livelihood for many communities through generations.

Green Gold. Source: Wikimedia.

Because of its versatility, one can find a diverse range of products fashioned out of bamboo. While it has been used to manufacture furniture, utensils and jewellery for quite some time now, what we mean by diversity are the day-to-day products that are sustainable and can reduce plastic use.

As more and more people are becoming conscious of the dire consequences that plastic poses to the environment and their lives, they have realised that even a single change of habit can make a huge difference.

From clothing and kitchenware to lifestyle products and stationery, we present you a list of bamboo alternatives that can help you ditch plastic and take a step towards a greener life.

1. Clothing

Source: Facebook/ Bamboo Tribe.

Did you know that clothes could be made out of bamboo? Yes, you read that right!

With naturally moisture-wicking, anti-odour, hypoallergenic and powerful insulating qualities, ‘bamboo fabric’ is not only good for the planet but you as well! You can look up the brand ‘Bamboo Tribe’ for T-shirts, tank tops, joggers and shorts made from bamboo in India.

2. Straws

For representation. Source: Facebook.

Perhaps the ‘last straw’ to eradicate plastic straws from our lives, bamboo emerges as the best contender to sip up in an eco-friendly manner. While these days one can find paper as well as metal straws being sold extensively across the country to cut down plastic straws, the environmental concerns continue. So, why not bamboo?

You can buy these at TBI Shop here.

3. Toothbrush

We use toothbrushes made of plastic every single morning and before sleeping, besides changing them quite frequently. This makes a simple toothbrush one of the biggest contributing components to our ever-growing plastic waste.

While 100 per cent bamboo toothbrushes are yet to make an entry, one can find brushes with bamboo handles whose bristles are nylon-made, making them a great start towards undoing some of the damage.

You can buy these at TBI Shop here.

4. Socks and Towels

Source: Facebook/Heelium.

Socks made of bamboo are manufactured in India by Heelium, a company for sustainable sportswear to address issues like foot infections and foul odour. Being thermodynamically stable, it keeps one’s feet warm in winter, and cool in summer. Sweat doesn’t get absorbed, and hence, there is no odour or blisters—making these socks especially beneficial for long-distance runners.

What is more, the enterprise has started producing towels as well!

5. Phone covers

For representation. Source: Facebook.

Smartphones have undoubtedly become an intrinsic part of our lives, and many of us personalise them through phone cases and covers. Unfortunately, almost all of these covers are made out of plastic but guess what? There are bamboo alternatives here too! From Amazon to various other e-commerce giants, you can find lots of options in bamboo to choose from!

6. Electricity-free speakers

For representation. Source: Facebook.

Well, this is something that I personally found very fascinating—bamboo speakers that require no electricity and are made by tribal communities.

Sold by Bamboo India, these single-piece speakers are as eco-friendly as one can get and you can use these anywhere—be it the walled confines of your room or a camping night out in the woods. Just slide your phone into the provided slot and enjoy some amplified music!

You can buy these at TBI Shop here.

7. Bicycles

For representation. Source: Facebook.

We have already mentioned how impressive bamboo is when it comes to strength and malleability but using it to make cycle structures is amazingly innovative as well as sustainable.

Enterprises like Bambike and Bamboochi have made it possible for people in India purchase custom-made cycles that not only helps to diminish our carbon trail but also gives the satisfaction of doing it in a holistically eco-friendly manner.

8. Pens

For representation. Source: Facebook.

From ink pens to single ballpoint variants, almost every pen in today’s date and time is made from plastic, and while these may be cheap, the subsequent cost is reflected upon the environment.

How about a writing apparatus that aims to minimalise our plastic contribution by making its body from bamboo? Check it out at TBI Shop here!

9. Water bottles

Source: Villacart.

Apart from being harmful to the environment, disposable water bottles strewn across the streets are an eyesore. Now, however, there are many alternatives for the above, including bamboo, and fortunately, people are really rooting for them. In fact, recently, an entrepreneur in Assam fashioned a water bottle entirely made of bamboo, and you can check it out here.

10. Sunglasses

For representation. Source: Facebook/ Woodgeekstore.

Wooden shades have been a classic style statement for a while now but have you ever come across sunglasses made out of bamboo? Well, you can find a range of bamboo-crafted sunglasses as well as reading glasses across various e-commerce platforms. Isn’t that a super cool idea, in terms of style as well as environmental impact? We definitely think so.

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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