Bihar School Teacher’s Touching Post About an Underprivileged Student Will Make Your Day!

"I didn’t see the point of saving anything for the future, when I had the power to help him in the why would I even think twice about that?" says the proud teacher in his viral post.

‘Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual. If the people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honour for me.’

This prominent statement by Late Dr A P J Abdul Kalam resonates with this school teacher, who dedicated his life to the profession.

But, unlike most, for him, the job of a teacher not only meant financial security but presented a window of substantial social impact.

He is a person who counts his achievements, not in awards or monetary gains, but the achievements of his students.

Photo Source: Facebook/Humans of Bombay

So, when one of his most devoted and hard-working students was on the verge of losing his dream of becoming a doctor, he could not stay back and watch.

“My heart really went out to him, so I decided to pay for his books, pens, bag, and uniform from my own salary. I started paying his school fees as well. It wasn’t that I was well off either, but I had enough to feed my family and meet our needs,” he said, in a Humans of Bombay post.

This primary school teacher from a small village in Bihar did not think about himself but was dedicated to his students. His lessons were not just those restricted to a strict curriculum, taught behind four walls of a small classroom, but transcended to life lessons that lived within his students for generations to come.

And, when this student’s family was hit with a financial crisis, forcing the boy at the brink of losing the chance of an education, the teacher stood by him and extended a hand of help–one that his student, now a doctor, continues to holds on to with love and respect.

In the post, he expressed how did he did not think twice about helping his student. “I didn’t see the point of saving anything for the future when I had the power to help him in the present…so why would I even think twice about that?” he said.

Today, he claims to have lived a complete life, thanks to the achievements of his student.

This is such a precious relationship, that most of us hope for, but only a few are blessed with!

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(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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