Bengaluru Airport Launches Cab Service Run By Women, Exclusively For Women!

Given that the Bengaluru airport is a fair distance away from the main city, this service is sure to be helpful to many.

With more and more women joining the workforce, safety is one of the major concerns. To make life easier and safer for women travellers, the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC), in association with Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), has launched a fleet of ten cabs, exclusively for women.

Given that the Bengaluru airport is a fair distance away from the main city, this service is sure to be helpful to many.

Things to know:

1. The Pink Cabs will be functional from the airport round the clock.
2. Each cab will have GPRS facilities as well as an emergency SOS button.
3. Priced at Rs 21.50 per km during the day and Rs 23.50 per km during the night, these rates are on par with any other cab services in the city.

4. The female cab drivers who will be driving these cabs are being hired from the areas surrounding the airport; this will help make the service self-sustainable.

Pink Cabs
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5. The cab drivers will also be trained in self-defence tactics and multiple languages.

According to a report published in iDiva, Kumar Pushkar, Managing Director, KSTDC, said that the move was to fulfil two major objectives.

“This concept has been implemented to provide a safe and secure mode of transport for women travellers from the Airport, while simultaneously creating opportunities for women drivers to be self-employed and empowered.”

Here’s a tweet from the aiport announcing this development to their followers:

While there have been many such cab services over the years, they have been launched and shut shop. It is important that we continue to support them so that they can continue serving women.

In July 2018, Women and Child Development Minister, Maneka Gandhi came down heavily on the Karnataka government for not doing enough to ensure the safety of women in the state. This was after reports emerged where a woman passenger in Bengaluru was harassed by a driver attached to a well-known cab aggregator after she refused to cancel her trip.

This move, therefore, comes at the right time. Read this article for more such cab services by and for women.

For now, here’s wishing this service a smooth ride.

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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