2 Indians Make It To Top 4 of Discovery’s Most-Liked Pics of 2018. Check Them Out!

Check out these pictures here to see why the painstaking work of these photographers emerged as some of the most liked pictures of 2018!

The Discovery Channel has put up its list of the most-liked photos of 2018, and we can’t help rejoicing over the fact that two Indian photographers have clinched a place in the top four!

In the first place is Mithun Hunugund, a Bengaluru boy whose photograph titled Black Panther, apart from being a true winner, is a real treat to the eyes.

Shot at Kabini, it features the enigmatic beast quenching his thirst at a small water pocket, after having completed a kill.

This is followed by some incredible shots of feline predators by international photographers, Herbert van der Beek and Harman Singh Heer. In the fourth place is Kabini-based Shaaz Jung, who amazes us with his magnificent capture of an adult lion in his full glory.

Check out these pictures here to see why the painstaking work of these photographers received rave reviews at several global platforms and emerged as some of the most liked pictures of 2018:

Black panther by Mithun Hunugund. Source: Twitter.
Fierce lion by Shaaz Jung. Source: Twitter.

In Mithun’s own words, his foray into wildlife photography has been an endeavour to showcase the magical moments witnessed in the natural world. Born and brought up in the wild, his passion and love for nature surfaced very early on, and he has been using photography as a means to immortalise these moments and share it with the world. You can follow more of his work on Facebook here.

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On the other hand, Shaaz is a naturalist, big cat tracker, professional wildlife photographer and cinematographer. Having studied Economics at Utrecht University, Shaaz left the corporate world to follow his passion and has helped to establish eco-friendly wildlife camps in South India and East Africa where he now runs specialised guided tours.

His camp at Kabini is known as The Bison, and he is closely affiliated with Africa Under Canvas, where he often leads wildlife and photographic expeditions. You can look up Jung’s work here.

Kudos to these amazing photographers. We are sure that they will continue to stun us all with their otherworldly captures!

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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