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India’s Youngest YouTube Stars: 5 Kids Blazing a Trail & Earning Lakhs on Social Media!

Kicha says, “I used to watch Evan Tube Hd, the kid who unboxes toys. He inspired me to start my channel Kichatube HD. Cooking is my Passion – I cook, I eat and I am hungry for more”

India’s Youngest YouTube Stars: 5 Kids Blazing a Trail & Earning Lakhs on Social Media!

Let me begin this article with a few facts:

1. Ryan is eight-years-old

2. He is a toy reviewer and has his own YouTube channel with 1,74,25,097 subscribers.

3. Between June 2016 and June 2017, Ryan made $11 million.

YouTube is not just a great repository of videos but also a very lucrative platform for kids to showcase their talents, get noticed, and make money.

Ryan – YouTube star!
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In this article, we bring to you stories of five Indian children who are superstars on YouTube.

1. Nihal Raj

All of six, Nihal, popularly known as Kicha, is one of India’s youngest chefs. His fascination for cooking began when he was three, and this interest even found him a spot at the Ellen Degeneres show in 2016. The exchange between Kicha and Ellen is sure to leave you with a smile.

A one-off video in January 2015 has grown rapidly to a library of over a hundred videos today, with over 10 lakh views!

What’s truly endearing about Kicha is his ability to connect with children and adults with equal ease.


His recipes are easy to follow and look absolutely delectable.

Kicha says, “I used to watch Evan Tube Hd, the kid who unboxes toys. He inspired me to start my channel Kichatube HD. Cooking is my Passion–I cook, I eat and I am hungry for more.”

With more than one lakh rupees in his account, all the young chef-YouTuber has asked from his father is a PayTm account, so that he can shop online without bothering him.

2. Anantya

In July 2014, Anantya’s mother, vlogger Shruti Raj Anand, started a channel for her daughter and called it ‘MyMissAnand‘.

One of the first videos was a tutorial of sorts – on three simple and cute hairstyles.

This nine-year-old’s channel was an instant hit, and over the last four years, generated over two crore views!

Photo Source

What’s interesting about this vlogger is that she belongs to a family in which five women and four men make YouTube videos for a living. From Shruti Anand, who is Anantya’s mother to her aunt Nisha Topwal, they have it all covered–do-It-Yourself videos to beauty tips to cooking.

3. Kyra Kanojia

When Kyra turned two, her family put together a birthday anthem and seeing herself on screen brought her so much happiness, that her father, Manish decided to start her a YouTube channel.

Speaking to The Better India, Manish says, “I was home for a while because of an injury, and that was when Kyra suggested that we try to make some videos of her unboxing toys. She was influenced by some of the videos she watched online. This was how Kyrascope Toy Reviews started in 2016.”

With over 10,000 subscribers and about 44 lakh views, Kyra is a mini-celebrity.


When Manish was asked how Kyra reacts to it all, he says, “For her, it is all about having fun. We have never seen it as something that she must do; today, she likes reviewing toys and unboxing them; if tomorrow, she chooses something else, we will support that too.”

While there is no limit to how much one can earn by making good quality videos on YouTube, Manish says, “It is important that, as parents, we do not force our children into this. Let them enjoy the process and always remember that this is something that they do and not a source of revenue for us.”

Manish’s tip to all parents is to give children the freedom of imagination. He says that the universe is waiting for them to take their first step towards what they want to be and achieve. He also urges parents to break free from “any perceived boundaries and unshackle their minds”.

4. Aayu and Pihu Kalra

In May 2017, Aayu and Pihu entered YouTube with videos in Hindi. Their father, Piyush Kalra, saw that there were many young vloggers, but there was a dearth of Hindi vloggers.

And that was the gap that he chose to plug. 5-year-old Aayu and 11-year-old Pihu are the stars of this channel aptly called ‘Aayu and Pihu Show‘.

Aayu and Pihu
Photo Source

In making these videos, the parents spent considerable time and money–learning how to shoot, writing scripts, handling the lights, and even managing their schedules.

For the Kalras, it was not all smooth sailing. While they started with videos of the girls cooking and sharing tips, the channel had no more than 1,000 subscribers even after a year.

In a conversation with The Better India, Piyush says, “What I have learnt through it, is to be consistent. It surely does have its advantages. With both Aayu and Pihu, we have tried to do interesting things. The milk challenge, for example, saw many participate and we also heard back from parents saying that they were happy with the challenge.”

With an initial investment of about Rs 1.5 lakh, the channel has now garnered over one million subscribers in nearly two years.

5. Amar

This 12-year-old from Telangana uses his YouTube channel ‘Learn With Amar‘ to help others learn about countries, topography, maps, and overall Geography. I stumbled upon his channel when I was trying to find a simple way of teaching my own six-year-old about countries in Asia.

Amar’s videos are not just easy to understand, but since they are made by a child, they are more relatable to others his age.

Photo Source

With over 1.7 lakh subscribers, Amar has viewers not just from India but from all over the globe!


While it is incredible that these children are using the platform to showcase their talents and earn oodles of money, it is important to be mindful of what one posts. It is for posterity after all.

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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