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This Resourceful Andhra Teacher Has Over 44,000 Subscribers on YouTube. Here’s Why!

What started out as an initiative to simplify teaching, soon led to the creation of a YouTube channel named Mangarani Lessons six years back.

No two flowers are alike, and the same is true for children and their learning abilities. While some are quick learners and quickly grasp what they are taught, there are others who require a little more than just basic blackboard teaching.

Well, this primary teacher from Rajahmundry is taking education beyond the confines of textbooks and rote learning. She has been successfully tapping into the potential of visual media and YouTube to teach not just her own students but over 44,000 people who have subscribed to her channel!

M Manga Rani hails from Murari, a village near Rajahmundry, and ventured into teaching after completing her graduation in Computer Science. What started out as an initiative to simplify teaching, soon led to the creation of a YouTube channel named Mangarani Lessons six years back.

The videos that she creates and uploads herself, every week, are extremely popular and students of the primary section of the Sri Naga Raja Special Municipal High School, eagerly wait to see them.

Manga Rani with her students.

So what led this dedicated teacher go the extra mile?

Well, the idea of using videos first occurred to her when she realised that her kids were struggling to learn Telugu at school.

“Teaching has to be fun, and using videos in a creative and engrossing manner not only helps children grasp things quickly but also makes them want to learn more.
Most of the videos I’ve created comprise rhymes, which allow them to sing along while there are others where concepts like subtraction in Mathematics or opposites in English are explained in an engaging manner,” Manga Rani says to The Better India.

Starting in 2012, she learnt everything from scratch. All her videos are shot on her smartphone, and she takes two nights to create one using online editing software after she returns from school.

Interestingly, many teachers from across the country have reached out to congratulate her on these efforts, and also to inform her that they use the videos in their classes, to great acclaim!

The teacher on work, along with her children.

“All the videos have been designed as per the school curriculum and I sometimes also use audio material provided by the government. I’ve personally seen a transformation in the kids because of these videos, and that led me to think, why not share it with the world too? The response on YouTube has been incredibly endearing, and I feel happy,” the 35-year-old proudly adds.

Manga Rani has been in the teaching field for over eight years now and happily gives credit to her husband for being encouraging and supportive right from the start. Her daughter and son help out by doing voice-overs in the videos.

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Manga Rani’s commitment to her profession and her keenness to make a special effort is genuinely incredible and deserves to be widely recognised. We hope she inspires other teachers and go beyond their walls of the classroom to make learning fun and memorable for kids!

You can check out her YouTube channel, Mangarani Lessons here.

(With inputs from Kevin Ronith)

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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