Brave 10-YO Thane Boy Chases Kidnapper, Saves 2-Year-Old Brother from Abduction!

"I kept walking behind her and kept asking where she was taking my brother. When I tried to catch her, she ran faster."

On Friday, 9 November 2018, two young brothers and their cousin were playing outside their home in Mumbra, Thane when a stranger attempted to lure the youngest child with chocolates. Thankfully, his 10-year-old brother came to his rescue and successfully foiled the kidnapping.

Speaking to Mumbai Mirror, Khurshid Warsi, their uncle said, “The area was crowded due to preparations for a marriage function in the locality. At around 1:30 p.m., the three children were playing outside their house. The woman first attempted to engage my younger nephew in some play. Then she picked him up and began to walk away.”

At this point, the 10-year-old realised that something was off, but instead of panicking, he started questioning the burqa-clad lady. She told him that she was taking the young one to buy chocolates, but his elder brother was not one to let go, easily.

He kept following the woman, questioning her all the way.

CCTV footage of the kidnapping attempt. Source: Hindustani Reporter/ YouTube.

He even instructed his 12-year-old cousin to rush home and alert the adults about this strange woman.

“I kept walking behind her and kept asking where she was taking my brother. When I tried to catch her, she ran faster,” he told Mirror adding that he raised the alarm when she wouldn’t stop. “This alerted passers-by, and by then my relatives and neighbours rushed to the spot to rescue the child. When she noticed a crowd, she left the boy and fled.” This chase continued for a good 8 minutes.

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The young boy, studying in class 2 thus rescued his brother from the clutches of a kidnapper. Although the family has not filed an official FIR with the Thane police, this scary incident brought to light the need to up safety measures in the housing society.

It isn’t easy for a ten-year-old to bravely follow a strange woman trying to abduct his brother.

Source: Hindustani Reporter/ YouTube.

But this young one showed courage and good presence of mind by attempting to maintain a dialogue with the kidnapper, asking his elder cousin to inform the adults and raising the alarm at the correct time.

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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