This Father Couldn’t Afford a Fancy Meal in a Restaurant. What Son Did Will Melt Your Heart!

This Father Couldn’t Afford a Fancy Meal in a Restaurant. What Son Did Will Melt Your Heart!

A proud father
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Having become a parent myself, I now appreciate and truly value all that my parents have done for me.

The protagonist of this story is a parent, who like many others, went through moments of self-doubt. Questions about whether he was doing enough to provide a good life to his children often bothered him.

The relationship between parents and children is truly special. The protagonist moved to the city of dreams, Mumbai, when he was all of 18, to provide a better future for his family back in the village. A severe drought left the village river dry, and that, in turn, meant that the farmers suffered.

He found a job at the post office and worked there until he retired a few years ago.

Unfortunately, even after his retirement, he had to continue working and took up the job of a watchman. For the protagonist, the glimmer of hope was perhaps his two children.

In a post by The Humans of Bombay, the protagonist says, “Recently, my son was awarded in college for receiving 100 marks in both Science and Maths–they even called me on stage to congratulate me! I was so proud, I couldn’t hold back the tears.”


He goes on to say, “All his friend’s parents took all the children out for a meal in a restaurant–I felt so embarrassed that I couldn’t ever give him that kind of life–our every penny goes into fees and books.”

As a parent, celebrating the successes of children brings immense happiness. Unfortunately, for the protagonist, he was unable to celebrate in a way that other parents would.

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The protagonist and his family spent the evening having a simple home-cooked meal together. “We ate a simple meal at home that night, all of us together. I think he realised what I was feeling, so after dinner, he hugged me and said ‘thank you, baba’ and all my worries just melted–I felt like I was doing something right.”

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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