You Will Love What These Mumbai Commuters Did For Their Bus Conductor!

The Mumbai bus conductor got a fitting farewell at the end of his career. Image Credit: Reddit

In Mumbai, a bus conductor got a heartwarming surprise from his daily commuters on his last day at work.

How many times do you pay attention to the bus-conductor when you board one on your way to work? Is it always the same bus that you take every day?

Chances are that it is the same conductor as well!

Over time, don’t you get a familiar feeling of comfort, knowing that the conductor will help you with change if you have none, or help you simply because you see each other every day?

The Mumbai bus conductor got a fitting farewell at the end of his career. Image Credit: Reddit
The Mumbai bus conductor got a fitting farewell at the end of his career. Image Credit: Reddit

Well, this Mumbai-based bus conductor got a fitting farewell after a user on Reddit highlighted the same. The user wrote ‘My father has been taking the same bus to work and back for the past 5 years. Today, all the regular commuters gave a farewell to the bus conductor on his last working day.”

Another user wrote, “This is quite common if you go to tier 2/3 city where there are a lot of middle-aged people. My uncle and his friends took (the) local train between Araah and Patna everyday for work. They knew a lot of ticket collectors and guards. Heck, sometimes they travelled in the last car in which the guard travels. They knew each other well, and what was happening in each other’s family etc. I think the generation before me (people born before 1985) was much more social in their ways and really acknowledged each other’s presence. Everyone knew everyone back then. But now people are just glued to their mobile screens. They don’t know who lives next door. They don’t socialize with people whom they run into everyday in public transport. And yet they have 500+ fb friends and 1000+ instagram followers.”

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Well, it is indeed heartwarming to see this in the bustling city of Mumbai, people travelling in the local bus made sure that the conductor who served them for years, handing out tickets and giving them change, got a fitting farewell at the end of his glorious career!

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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