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How These Twins Helped Their Dad Cope With Grief Will Break & Warm Your Heart!

Posted by Humans of Amdavad on Facebook, this is the real-life story of Dhruvi and Dhrumi, twin sisters from Ahmedabad.

How These Twins Helped Their Dad Cope With Grief Will Break & Warm Your Heart!

Losing a parent at a young age can be devastating, but what is worse is that the spouse of the departed, who has to mask his or her own grief to continue with life and help the other loved ones cope with the loss, often ends up being overlooked.

However, there are times when children display a rare strength of character in such devastating situations and become a pillar of support for their grieving parent.

Posted by Humans of Amdavad on Facebook, this is the real-life story of Dhruvi and Dhrumi, twin sisters from Ahmedabad.

Their moving tale of losing their mother, and helping their father overcome the crushing pain of losing his life partner, who was his high school sweetheart, will break and warm your heart, at the same time.

You can read the entire post here:

Our parents were dating since 7th grade. Gradually those dates turned into a relationship which later turned into a beautiful marriage and soon they were blessed with twins. Growing up as a twin is a blessing where everything is about ‘us’ and not ‘me’. From opening eyes to taking the first step, from refusing to fall asleep until we are placed in the same crib to scoring same marks in all exams, from having twin telepathy to having the same best friend, from hairpin to clothes- we have everything in common. We have stood up for each other and fought together against other people but we have never fought with each other. People find it hard to believe but since childhood Mom made us independent. We still remember that while we were in the 1st grade, we used to wake up ourselves, pack fruits in our tiffin, leave for school and always curse Mom when we would see our friends bring all different kinds of lunch prepared by their mothers. Gradually as we grew up we realised that Mom was handling a lot- from working hard by helping Dad in setting up a boutique to organising events and fashion shows to taking care of our family to working as a dance professional she was doing it all. Every day she would come home late and feel sad that she isn’t able to spend quality time with both her daughters but we shared a beautiful relationship with her- from our inside secrets to our first crush we shared everything with her. Mom had been a Garba lover all her life and every year she would teach us new steps, would design 18 pairs of Chaniya Choli for both of us and we would flaunt our steps as well as our traditional attires in those 9 nights. Three years ago, when we were in 10th grade, a huge Garba Night was to happen at our school and we fought with Mom that we want a new Chaniya Choli but she refused saying that she has her hands full. All the colleges in the city used to call Mom for choreography and one such dance festival was organised at GLS for two days where Mom wanted us to accompany her. On the first day, we accompanied Mom-Dad and saw her manage the entire event that night and next morning we went for our last exam. Once we were back from exam she requested us to come with her on the second day of the dance festival but we fought with her saying that you didn’t design Chaniya Choli for our school Garba so we won’t come with you today and suddenly she laughed at us and said that ‘I rejected 10 customer orders and designed two Chaniya Cholis for both my daughters’ and she went away. Our exams were over so we were talking with our best friend over the phone call, during that time we didn’t realise but we had received 3 calls from Dad. We went to sleep but around 12:00 am we tried calling our parents but calls weren’t going through so we decided to sleep again. It was 3:00 am and we heard noise of people murmuring in the house and one of our relatives came into our room and said that our parents have met with car accident. We rushed downstairs to see what had happened but by that time everyone was gone and only our Dada was their crying but couldn’t speak anything. We were sitting on the stairs waiting to know what had happened and what we see is a sea of people entering our home in white clothes and nobody is telling us what has happened. We saw our Dad coming where he had suffered major brain injuries but still we were happy to see him and right after him comes a dead body wrapped in white cloth and as it comes closer we realise that its Mom. We were just speechless and felt so broken from inside. Our entire world came down crashing and we just kept on looking at each other trying hard to gulp down the reality. We hugged her tightly and cried while sleeping on her for hours. A day later we were told that a drunk truck driver carrying 600 kg of wet sand couldn’t control his speed which led the falling of the entire dumper on our car and Mom died on the spot but she didn’t suffer a single scar on her outer body but it was internal injuries that lead to her death. Few months into Mom’s demise and one day Dad just broke into crying in front of us and he cried for hours. From that very day we decided that we won’t be the princess to our Dad but instead we will be his pillars of strength. We told Dad that you have lost your Bijal but God has given you two more Bijal and now you are our responsibility. We don’t leave him alone even for a moment, from avoiding hangouts with friends on weekends to taking him out for coffee and dinner- we try to spend most of our time with him and make sure that he doesn’t feel alone. We started playing the same roles which once Mom used to play, form looking after the Bijal’s Fabric Culture Boutique to running her Ghumar school of Performing Arts to taking care of our family to going to college we do everything together. Even after three years of her demise, she is always the first and the last thought on our mind. From her smile to her silly fights we miss every bit of her and for our entire lifetime we will have a regret that we didn’t have a proper goodbye.

Any Message?

Cherish the people you have in life and now and then let them know that they are important and don’t take them from granted.

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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