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TBI Corner: Finding The Right Solutions!

TBI Corner: Finding The Right Solutions!

This article is part of our ‘TBI Corner’ where we speak to you, our reader, directly. This is all about what we’re doing as a brand, our take on various topics, and what’s up at TBI. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

There’s a lot of things not working in this country, and we all know the issues. And it’s clear that no one person alone can solve them. But we’ve seen it time and time again- when we write a story about change being made somewhere in this land, people reach out and get involved.


So what’s next from TBI?

We’ve been at it for 10 years. Through the power of stories, we were able to connect so many causes with all of you! We hope to not only spread inspiration through such stories but also give you, our readers, a path to create an impact in your own lives and communities.

And just look at the impact you have already helped create.

The question that we had to now ask ourselves was, what can we do to further increase the impact of this ecosystem and India’s army of changemakers?

So what can we do?


People coming together to create impact. Source: Devender Sura/ Facebook.

Our main aim has always been to spread impact. In line with this, our next step is a natural extension of our ongoing mission: Becoming a hub for solutions – connecting all the existing solutions together.

That’s our mandate!

So what will you find in this solutions hub?

  1. Information about organizations, institutions, and entities that are doing wonderful work.
  2. A repository for solutions and contacts of impact entities. We are building tools to bring all the best solutions to you so that you can make an impact in the area you wish to!

So what can you do?

Positivity can be spread by following your own passion! SOURCE: FACEBOOK

No one can do everything, that is obvious. But you can always choose an area of impact that you like and that you are passionate about!

When everyone implements a solution in their own life, they automatically become a part of the greater solution, and this snowballs into huge societal level impact.

Things start to visibly change. Awareness spreads. And this becomes a continuous feedback loop.

So, watch this space for more to come!

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