Mumbai Motorman Turns Hero, Stops Train to Save Life of Injured Man!

"Just as we crossed Diva (in Thane), I saw that a person was lying between two tracks. I stopped the train and informed the guard, M D Aalam."

Pankaj Maurya was on his usual way to the office in Mumbai when a tragedy struck. He got caught between two railway tracks. Reports have failed to mention how exactly he got in this situation but he was severely injured. He might have stayed there for hours–if not for the quick action of a local train driver.

PD Lokey was driving a semi-fast local train when he saw a man, later identified as Pankaj, lying injured on the tracks. The man was visibly stuck, and his injuries were preventing him from getting to a safe place.

Within seconds, Lokey hit the brakes of the train.

Source: Rishabh Mathur/ Wikimedia Commons.

Speaking to Navbharat Times, Lokey said, “Just as we crossed Diva (in Thane), I saw that a person was lying between two tracks. I stopped the train and informed the guard, M D Aalam. Together, we helped him get in a train going in the opposite direction as ours.”

This helped Pankaj get to a hospital in time and tend to his injuries. Now under the observation of medical staff, Pankaj’s condition is improving.

Lokey and Aalam had kept aside their professional duty to do a kind deed.

Taking note of this, the spokesperson of Central Railways, Sunil, applauded their act and assured that the department is recommending their names for a reward.

Source: Simon/ Pixabay.

Earlier this year, a tweet by a passenger had prompted the Railways to bust a trafficking racket. Here’s the entire story about how the department rescued the girls.

The national carrier has also helped a pregnant woman deliver her baby while on the train!

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Inspiring stories like these have restored the belief that there are countless heroes in the Indian Railways.

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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