Application For Driving License & RC Transfer Goes Online: Here’s What Changes For You!

Delhi residents can apply for a driving license online. Image Credit:

Now, Delhi residents don't need to worry about long lines in the RTO.

Are you a resident of Delhi and tired of the serpentine queues at the Regional Transport Office when you go to apply for a driver’s licence? Of the apathetic response of those in charge, and the eager touts who can’t wait to make a quick buck by hook or by crook?

Well, as per this report in the Financial Express, you will no longer need to visit an RTO, because, from October 1, 2018, all of them will allow you to apply for a driving licence, learner’s licence and vehicle registration, online.

Delhi joins Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Haryana and Goa, in having an online application process for a driving licence. However, Delhi is the first state to have all the RTO’s online.

This move comes after State Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said that all 13 licensing offices in Delhi, will be e-RTOs, and around 11 transport related services like obtaining a learner’s, or a permanent driving licence and a registration certificate, can be applied for on the website of the transport department.

Delhi residents can apply for a driving license online. Image Credit:
Delhi residents can apply for a driving license online. Image Credit:

The Delhi Transport Department will not accept any paper or manual application processes and will only accept payments through electronic transfers, instead of cash, in a bid to curb corruption.

The Government plans to open RTO help desks, like Aadhar help desks, to help people with the online processes by filling a form, at a minimal cost of Rs 60. A computer will provide access to services like:

1. Applying for a new driver’s license.
2. Change of address.
3. Issuance of duplicate driving license.
4. Transfer of car ownership.

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In a city where, in 2017, approximately 7 lakh vehicles were registered at 13 RTO’s, around 5 lakh learner’s licenses and 2.5 lakh permanent driving licenses were issued, an online RTO will be very beneficial.

Streamlining the process of getting a license will reduce process and data redundancy, and save RTO employees and citizens time and money!

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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