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Run to Feed: The Calories You Burn Can Now Provide a Meal to Someone in Need!

Seeing the positive impact running had on his health, he wanted to encourage more people to run and in turn, do a good deed as well.

If you’re a runner and maintain a record of your runs, then here’s some good news for you.

41-year-old Rahul Sharma, a resident of Bhopal, has devised a unique way of linking the calories burnt while running to feed the needy. Having successfully done so during the Kerala floods, Rahul is all set to implement this on a larger scale.

What is this unique idea?

Well, to begin with, it requires you to collect some data–like the calories burnt–each time you go for a run. If you share these details with Rahul, he will collate all the data shared with him and the total calories burnt will be distributed as food to the needy.

He calls this concept ‘Run to Feed’.

In a report published by The Times of India, Rahul explained this concept, “Suppose, I got total 1 lakh burnt calories from the contestants. I will distribute the proportionate quantity of calories in the form of food and meal(s) to the needy people. In Kerala, we had distributed food items of 1 lakh calories.”

After working for over 21 years, Rahul had developed lifestyle disorders such as hypertension. Following the advice he received from all quarters, he started running.

Running to stay fit. Photo Source: Rahul Sharma/Facebook

Seeing the positive impact it had on his health, he wanted to encourage more people to run and in turn, do a good deed as well.

Rahul claims that the first edition of Run to Feed had collected over 20 lakh “burned calories data” from runners across the country. He told the publication, “We have sent food stuff(s) and meal(s) to Kerala, Udaipur, Pune and Ahmedabad. Soon we will start feeding the needy in other cities also.”

Rahul Sharma is presently “working on dates” and will be organising the second edition of the event soon.

To know more about his initiative, or share your run data with him, get in touch with him on Facebook.

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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