Truly Through Thick and Thin: Mumbai Couple’s Love Story Will Move You To Tears!

When all seemed bleak, the couple pulled through the difficult period and decided to adopt a daughter.

In tough times, when everything seems bleak, hope can appear to be the only thing that can help one get by. Even then, at times, hope seems like a vague concept and we let ourselves sink into the bottom of misery.

In a post by Humans Of Bombay, Kantesh Yadav from Mumbai narrates his life story, where he takes us through his life as a carefree boy and the ensuing incidents which changed him, completely.

The couple- . Source: Facebook

Yadav was working as a tailor in a textile factory when his marriage was unexpectedly arranged with Veena. Shortly after, Veena gave birth to a son, and three years later, a daughter. The children were healthy, and the family of four was happy and content.

However, consecutive tragedies shattered their idyllic existence. The couple lost their daughter to chicken pox, and shortly after, their son passed away in a drowning accident.

When all seemed bleak, the couple pulled through the difficult period and decided to adopt a daughter. But life threw a curveball once again, and Veena was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Veena is being treated in Mumbai, and even as the couple is struggling financially, Yadav’s words reflect strength, confidence and true love.

Read his heartfelt story in the Facebook post below, and if you want to donate to Veena’s treatment, you can do so in the link here.


(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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