CSR Health Impact Awards: Honouring the Initiatives Transforming Health in India

"The larger vision of CSR Health Impact Awards is to become one initiative, which can become a catalyst by bringing together leading stakeholders and inspiring leaders to potentially drive a consolidated effort of a scale of national-level impact."

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A little appreciation and recognition always go a long way and awards are a way to motivate people and organisations to go that extra mile by creating positive energy and a healthy competitive spirit.

The CSR Health Impact Award recognises and applauds organisations which have imbibed responsible business practices in their core philosophies, and implemented health-focused CSR ventures that have driven real change on the ground and positively impacted lives.

The second edition of the CSR Health Impact Awards is scheduled to take place on August 24, 2018, in New Delhi. An initiative of India Health & Wellness Summit — the awards are meant to inspire organisations to drive a pan-India CSR–based health movement.

The aim is to appeal to the corporate conscience to encourage participation at a larger scale and deliver nation-wide impact.

Kamal Narayan Omer, Managing Director, Teamwork Communications Group, speaking about this initiative says, “The initiative of CSR Health Impact Awards emerged from the philosophy of India Health & Wellness Summit, the country’s only forum on holistic health. This is based on the belief that health is the precondition for all other developments that aim towards national growth and creation of a stronger India. We also believe that health is everyone’s responsibility. With this, we aim to drive a CSR-based health movement by appealing to the corporate consciousness of all organizations to participate at a grander scale and contribute towards making a healthier India.”

He goes on to emphasise on the importance and need to conduct this event and says, , “A famous quote ‘good begets good’ forms the basis of our belief. It is essential to applaud good work and appreciate efforts for the betterment of others. It is through these small initiatives that the nation is benefitting as a whole. The lives that are being transformed through these impactful initiatives would have stayed in despair if these initiatives weren’t undertaken. Hence, they should be recognised and acknowledged for the good they are doing. It is high time that we recognise good work, talk about positive efforts, and transform the narrative from an ailing India to an India with better health.”

Some of the categories under which awards will be presented are:

1. Food-for-all initiative
– A significant impact on policy and implementation of public nutrition, including acting towards national food security, emphasis on awareness about healthy foods through innovative methods for engagement with end-users, as well as challenging fundamental misconceptions about nutrition and how it relates to well-being.

2. Elderly Health Initiative
– India houses more than 10.4 crore elderly people with limited financial strength who are in need of suitable public infrastructure and healthcare services. This award is to recognise the CSR initiative which is directed to make lives better for these people who are often ignored by the mainstream society.

3. Women and Child Initiative
– Women and children with major health concerns comprise more than half the population of India. This award is to recognise the most impactful CSR project in the field of women and child health and welfare, promoting good health and well-being.

With 12 categories, 36 awards to be given away, and a total delegation of 300 members participating, this event is building on its success by motivating and encouraging corporations to deliver real, on-ground impact.

Speaking about where he sees these awards going in the future, Kamal says, “CSR efforts in India, despite many high impact initiatives, are at a nascent stage. Most of these efforts take place in various distant pockets of India and impact different aspects of the health of the residents in those pockets. The larger vision of CSR Health Impact Awards is to become one initiative, which can become a catalyst by bringing together leading stakeholders and inspiring leaders to potentially drive a consolidated effort of a scale of national-level impact.”

He concludes, “The initiative has started off well, and we intend to make it larger and grander with every passing edition, inspiring many others in the process for making focused and dedicated efforts in the field of health.”

For more details, and a chance to attend this event, do visit their here.

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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