On I-Day, Chennai Woman Finds Newborn Abandoned in Drain, Saves His Life!

Saved from a storm-drain in Chennai-this baby is saved thanks to Geetha.Image Credit: Pramod

In Chennai's Valasaravakkam, Geetha and her milkman heard cries coming from the nearby storm drain. What they found there, is truly shocking.

It was early in the morning on 15th August 2018, India’s 72 Independence Day, when Geetha was alerted by the milkman about a sound coming from a nearby storm drain, in Chennai’s Valasaravakkam. The duo kept hearing the sounds, and thinking it was a kitten, and went to rescue it. What they found shocked them.

It was a new-born baby, left abandoned inside a storm drain, according to NDTV.

45-year old Geetha, a homemaker, proceeded to bend and reach into the drain to pull out the baby, which emerged crying, choked by the umbilical cord around his neck. Wasting no time, Geetha unwrapped the cord from around the child’s neck. After that, the child was given a thorough cleaning, and rushed to the Institute of Child Health (IGH) in Egmore.

This baby was found abandoned in a storm water drain in Chennai. Image Credit: Pramod Madhav
This baby was found abandoned in a storm water drain in Chennai. Image Credit: Pramod Madhav


Speaking to The News Minute, Geetha said that she ran out as soon as she heard the crying sounds, confirmed by the milkman. Saving the baby’s life was most important, and nothing else mattered at that point. It had rained all of last evening and had it rained in the morning, the baby would have been swept away in the drain.

The police were informed, basic first aid was done, and the baby was taken to the hospital. He has been kept in the incubator at Egmore Hospital.


It was indeed an eventful day for Geetha, who named the child Suthanthiram (meaning ‘freedom’ in Tamil), apt because he happened to be found on Independence Day. He can now grow up freely.

Speaking to The News Minute, a police official at the Valasaravakkam Police Station said that no case had been filed. He added that the baby was doing fine and that further action will be decided accordingly.

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Geetha is a former actor, and said that she would be happy to raise the baby, if entrusted with him. The baby has been reportedly placed under the Cradle Baby Scheme of the government.

Thanks to Geetha’s timely actions, Suthantiram has a new lease on life!
Featured Image Credit: Pramod Madhav (Twitter)

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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