Off Duty with Family, What This Cop Did for 2 Mumbai Accident Victims Is Amazing!

Mumbai police force's 2 officers promptly helped the accident victims and rushed them to hospital. Representative Image Only. Image Credit: Prats Photography

Out with her family on Mumbai's Marine Drive, this cop saw 2 victims of a road accident, and jumped into action.

Late last night in Mumbai, Police sub-inspector, YS Mulla, was headed to the Marine Drive promenade, with her family including her 8-year-old daughter, post her shift. According to a report in Mid-Day, Mulla heard a bike skidding, and when she rushed to the spot, she found an upturned scooter, next to two women who were lying on the ground and bleeding heavily.

Mulla moved the victims to the footpath and was looking for help when the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Shivdeep Lande, turned up. He was passing by the area when he saw the crowd gathered around the victims, and came forward to help. DCP Lande hailed a taxi and rushed the victims to the GT hospital, and Mulla followed the cab on her scooter.

Mumbai Police's DCP Lande, and PSI Mulla helped the accident victims. Image Courtesy (Left) DCP Lande. Image Courtesy (Right) Mid-Day
Mumbai Police’s DCP Lande, and PSI Mulla helped the accident victims. Image Courtesy (Left) DCP Lande. Image Courtesy (Right) Mid-Day

The accident victims, Neha Kanekar (21) and Nisha Waghela (18), were triple riding on the scooter, with their friend, Tushar Gole (24), who survived the accident without a single scratch. The women were taken to the casualty ward, and as it turned out, their mothers were members of the staff of the hospital.

According to sources quoted in Mid-Day, after ensuring that the women were taken care of, DCP Lande left the hospital, paid the taxi driver, and continued his night rounds in another official’s vehicle.

It is common knowledge that overloading a 2-wheeler beyond its capacity is dangerous as it loses stability and becomes more prone to accidents, but many people choose to ignore this fact and put their lives in danger.

– Mumbai Cop Goes Beyond Call of Duty, Breaks Law to Save Senior Citizen’s Life!

It is imperative that people realise the danger of triple riding on a 2-wheeler. Neha and Nisha have thankfully survived this accident and should thank their lucky stars that they got the help that they needed right on time.

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

Featured image credit: Prats Photography

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