No to Superstition, Yes to Science: Bengaluru Folks Set Example During Lunar Eclipse!

People in Bengaluru came together to bust myths and eat food during the lunar eclipse. Image Credit: Mahisha Nanda

Stay hungry and not leave the house? Bengaluru folks busted all myths, during the lunar eclipse.

A lunar eclipse, falling on a full moon night, is quite the sight. However, this beautiful sight is often clouded by superstition. Ranging from a restriction of food consumption to an actual debarring of people from watching the lunar eclipse with their naked eye, these myths are backed by nothing. However, they create fear among those who are unaware. The unknown is feared, hence, and these people miss out on experiencing a unique phenomenon.

So, what are these superstitions:-

Watching the lunar eclipse damages your eyes:-
Try staring at the sun without sunglasses. Who does that? Well, this myth is based on that very logic! No one stares at the sun without wearing a nice pair of sunglasses, so, with the advent of technology, and the appearance of several kinds of lenses, this myth has been busted.

Eating during the eclipse causes indigestion:-
This is another baseless rumour, which has never been proven. Ridiculous as it sounds, there has been no study whatsoever to back this claim.

Restrictions on pregnant women:-
Some women are barred from leaving the house, citing the baby will be born with deformities, while others aren’t allowed to touch knives or scissors, as it says the baby will be born with a cleft lip. This is again a baseless rumour, and there has been no scientific data at all, to back this absurd claim.

Bathing after an eclipse:-
People rush to ‘cleanse’ themselves of the negative effects of lunar eclipse rays. Considering that all water on earth is exposed to the sun, even if you bathe with mineral water, that rumour does not have logic.

Injuries don’t heal:-
Well, this depends on how badly you are injured, but there has been no scientific study to link excessive bleeding during any trauma with a lunar eclipse. Don’t hurt or cut yourself in any case, eclipse or not.

Well, busting these very stereotypes, this group in Bengaluru came out, and celebrated the natural event, outside the Town Hall.

People in Bengaluru came together to bust myths and eat food during the lunar eclipse. Image Credit: Mahisha Nanda
People in Bengaluru came together to bust myths and eat food during the lunar eclipse. Image Credit: Mahisha Nanda

Promoting science and protesting against superstitions, they ate food, which is prohibited, as per Hindu tradition, and debunked myths fed to them by astrologers and pundits.

The crowds, happy and digging into snacks, were trying to get into the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, which had several telescopes. Easily, around 1,000 people were there, reports The New Indian Express. Hence, some didn’t get a chance to enter, and some headed to friends houses, and some dug into snacks.

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Well, it is great to see the Bengaluru public debunk superstitions en-masse, and enjoy a beautiful natural phenomenon for all it is worth.

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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