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Adopt Don’t Shop: Meet The Furry Finalists of India’s Cutest Rescued Cat Alive!

Adopt Don’t Shop: Meet The Furry Finalists of India’s Cutest Rescued Cat Alive!

Voting is open until 26 July 2018, and PETA will crown the winners on 30 July 2018.

Millions of people across the world love cats, and I am no exception. In fact, I believe that those who say that they don’t like cats probably don’t understand them and maybe admire the feline beings in secret.

I mean, how can you not help falling in love with a cat? Revered as Gods in ancient Egypt, cats are a popular choice for pets today. While their displays of affection are never as flamboyant as that of dogs, the joy that these furry beings can bring into your life is immeasurable, and their simple gestures like purring and bringing tokens of love are worth living for!

Well, I’m sure that a lot of people would line up right now and beg to differ, but that’s alright, as everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and I totally respect that.

Coming back to cats, did you know that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the animal rights organisation which is popularly known as PETA, organises the Cutest Rescued Cat Alive contest every year?

Last year’s finalists for India’s Cutest Rescued Cat Alive contest. Source: PETA India.

Well, they really do, and the reason behind it is to raise awareness among people so that they ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’ and bring street and indie cats into their lives in place of pedigreed ones, who otherwise have very bleak chances of survival on streets.

While hundreds of entries ‘clawed’ their way into the contest, PETA has now drawn up a list of 10 finalists, all of whom have amazing rescue stories that are bound to touch your heart. And the best part is that even you can vote for the cutest cat by simply entering your contact information.

Voting is open until 26 July 2018, and PETA will crown the winners on 30 July 2018.

From Tezpur’s Nanu and Ranchi’s Tullu to Tinger from Hyderabad and Stitch from Goa, here are the ten absolutely adorable finalists of India’s Cutest Rescued Cat Alive 2018:


Courtesy: PETA.


Shruti found Nanu and his brother soaked to the skin on a rainy day. Both kittens might have drowned in a nearby lake if she hadn’t spotted them in time. She picked up the lucky felines and took them home with her, and now they have a loving family to spend the rest of their lives with.


Courtesy: PETA.

When Tania found Stitch, he was hiding in a bush next to a highway, and his two siblings were playing on the road itself. She decided to keep brave Stitch and found homes for his siblings.


Courtesy: PETA.

Tickles and her two siblings were found after their mother died. Arushi got two kittens adopted and fell for Tickles at the very sight of her. Tickles is a now a very important part of Ayushi’s family.


Courtesy: PETA.

Daniya found this kitten, whom she named Tinger, all alone in a shoe box in an abandoned building. Daniya’s family couldn’t leave the kitten suffering and decided to adopt him. Tinger has now been with his family for three years.


Courtesy: PETA.

When Sabrina found Batui on the street, the kitten was covered with ants. Sabrina took her home immediately, cleaned her up, fed her, and took her to the vet. She couldn’t walk properly, as one of her legs was broken, but over the course of a year, Sabrina has helped her heal, and she’s very content with her new life.

Courtesy: PETA.

Radhika rescued her cat Chutki from underneath a car, where she was hiding because she was injured and scared. Radhika took her home and nursed her back to health.


Courtesy: PETA.

Manjeet adopted Maani after learning from his neighbours that the kitten’s mother had died. At first, Maani was so scared that he wouldn’t let anyone come near him. But finally, after a lot of effort, Manjeet managed to befriend him and give him some food . He is now very playful and happy with his new family.


Courtesy: PETA.

Harpreet found Meowni abandoned and very hungry on a rooftop. She fed the kitten and nursed her back to perfect health. Meowni is now 2 years old now and loves to play around.


Courtesy: PETA.

Mimi is a little fighter who beat all odds to survive. He was found by guardian Sushmita with an eye infection and ulcer as well as a respiratory tract infection, but after months of care and veterinary treatment, he overcame his illness and is now a healthy cat.


Courtesy: PETA.

After Tejaswi came across three abandoned kittens inside a box full of pipes, she decided to adopt them. In fact, she believes that they adopted her, as they never leave her side. Tullu is the closest to her and loves her dearly.

Honorary Mention: Tibbles, The Better India’s resident rescue cat who has taken over our office and hearts.

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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