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Fragrance Bombs to DIY Detergent: 8 Simple Ways to Use Those Last Bits of Soap!

Fragrance Bombs to DIY Detergent: 8 Simple Ways to Use Those Last Bits of Soap!

If you too are wondering what to do with those bits of soap, here are eight DIY ways you can recycle your soap into being useful again.

Using the final bit of a bar of soap is supremely tricky—it is too small to be used but too big to be discarded. You cannot bring yourself to throw the piece away, and soon enough, you are surrounded by several pieces of soap, which cannot be used.

If you too are wondering what to do with those bits of soap, here are eight DIY ways you can recycle your soap into being useful again.

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1. United they stand


Collect as many soap bits as you can—from your bathrooms and basins—to create a brand-new soap.

Once you have enough soap bits, grate or cut each of them into small pieces. Collect enough to fill a cup. To make your very own soap, you will also need ½ cup of whole milk (water also works, but milk will moisturise your skin).

Fill a saucepan halfway with water and heat it. Then, take a heatable glass bowl and place it in the saucepan, in a manner that it floats.

Pour the milk or water into the glass bowl before adding the grated soap, slowly. Make sure you stir the mixture, so it doesn’t stick to the bottom.

Once the mixture has melted completely, pour it into a cake or muffin mould, and allow it to cool. If you are experimenting with different coloured soaps, do this procedure one colour at a time.

When the first colour has cooled, pour the liquefied mixture of the second colour over it. After you pour out all the colours, you can warm the mixture again, stirring it with a stick or stirrer, so you get a mixture of all colours.

Bring the soap mixture to dry completely. This may take up to two weeks.

2. Your self-lathering loofah

Representative image. Source.

Get a washcloth or a pair of stockings—something that is smooth on the skin and thin enough to form a lather. Put your bars of soap in them and conceal the cloth tightly. You can even stick several bars of soap together with warm water before placing them in the cloth. Your DIY self-lathering loofah is ready. Happy scrubbing!

3. Turn your body soap into a cloth soap!

Representative image. Source.

The first step to a DIY detergent from body soap is to dry the soap bar completely. Keep it in a dry place but away from direct sunlight till there’s no moisture left in the soap. Put all these dry pieces in a grinder and grind them to a powder.

In a large bowl, mix two parts of washing soda, two parts borax and one part of the soap crumble. Your home-made detergent is ready! Use enough of it while doing your laundry, to give your clothes a lovely fragrance!

4. Liquid soap from solid soap

Representative image. Source.

You no longer have to buy separate liquid soaps for your washbasin. You can make the cleanser at home, and that too with leftover soap bits! All you need for this are enough soap bits to fill a cup, about 1.5 litres of distilled water, one tablespoon of glycerine, essential oils and one tablespoon honey.

Finely chop the soap bits or crumble them in a food grinder. Make sure you retain the one cup quantity. Add them to a big pot, add water and glycerine and turn up the heat. Stir the mixture, till you get a gel-like consistency.

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Pour this mixture in a large bowl and bring to cool. You may have to wait overnight for it to cool completely. Then, add about 5-6 drops of essential oils (that complement the soap scent) and honey in the mixture. Mix them either with a hand blender or in a food processor.

Your liquid soap is good to go in a soap pump on your washbasin!

5. Let the soap freshen your car

Representative image. Source.

Shred your soap bits and place them in a pretty bag made of a thin cloth (you can even use thin packet-like bags). Make sure you use soaps with the same fragrance or complementary fragrances. Add a few drops of fragrant oils to the shredded bits and mix them well.

Place this bag right in front of the car AC. So, each time you blast the air conditioner, your car will also smell fresh, making your commute delightful!

6. DIY bath bomb

Representative image. Source.

If you have a bathtub at home and plan to use it for a relaxing home spa, you can use the above method to make your very own bath bomb!

Just place the bag of soap and essential oils right below the faucet of the tub, so that as the water flows, it combines with the soap to produce heavenly-smelling lather!

7. Soaps can also go in your sewing kit!

Representative image. Source.

I have borrowed this trick from my grandma’s sewing kit. Soaps are easy markers on cloth and just as easy to erase. So, just pop the last bit of soap in your sewing kit and use them as markers. Easy!

8. Soaps make pretty gifts too!

Representative image. Source.

You can change your every day soap bits into the perfect gift for someone who loves self-grooming. Pop the DIY colourful soap bars and bath bombs in a pretty bag. Pour the liquid soap in a beautiful soap pump and together, they can be a perfect gift!

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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