Brave Bengaluru Engineer Risks Life to Nab Chain Snatcher Who Stabbed Five People!

Devareddy and his friend were enjoying a stroll on MG road when they heard a woman scream. As they turned to look at her, they saw a man holding a gold chain and a dagger, running away.

Last Sunday evening, Manjunath Devareddy was accompanying his friend to get the latter’s phone repaired. The shop, on SP road in Bengaluru, was shut, so the friends decided to hang out in MG road instead. Devareddy would have never imagined that this impromptu decision would help the police capture a serial chain snatcher!

Devareddy and his friend were enjoying a stroll on MG road when they heard a woman scream. As they turned to look at her, they saw a man holding a gold chain and a dagger, running away. Immediately realising that this was a chain-snatching and stabbing incident, and without giving a second thought about his own safety, Devareddy started running after the thug, who was later identified as a man named Dastagir.

Dastagir was running towards Church Street when Devareddy caught up with him and attempted to grab him.

Dastagir swiftly turned around and stabbed Devareddy twice. One hit was on his left palm and the second, which was even more severe, was on the left side of his abdomen.

Representative image of MG Road, Bengaluru. Source.

Speaking to the News Minute, Devareddy said, “My shirt tore off, and my hand was hurt, but I did not realise it. For the first time, I was beginning to feel scared because until now I had not thought of the consequences of him stabbing me with a knife.”

What could have been a definite injury to stop the 23-year-old from this on-foot pursuit, did not deter him at all. By this time, the pursuit had caught the attention of District Armed Reserve (DAR) constable Nagesh M, and he joined Devareddy. The constable was armed with a pistol, but as the road had too many people, he realised that it would be dangerous to fire it.

Now two people were pursuing Dastagir, and they were soon joined by Mukesh, a bar owner, who saw the scene and jumped in. However, Dastagir ended up stabbing Mukesh as well!

Manjunath Devareddy, who helped the cops. Source.

Dastagir had now injured three people and was still on the run.

Call it his good luck or misfortune, Dastagir ran into two constables, unaware of this chase. Although they tried to catch hold of him, Dastagir stabbed the two of them as well and kept on running.

However, he was beginning to feel tired and was running out of adrenaline and stamina.

That’s when a passer-by hit Dastagir with a hard plastic pipe. Even with a bleeding hand and abdomen, Devareddy had not given up on the pursuit. He had been chasing the chain-snatcher from the very beginning, and now he had successfully caught him.

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After handing over the repeat-offender to the police, Devareddy was taken to a hospital. Speaking to New Indian Express, he said, “I went to Bowring Hospital for treatment of my stab wounds, but Sub-Inspector Amaresh of Cubbon Park, who arrived there, brought me to a private hospital where the doctors put five stitches on my left palm. The wound in my abdomen was luckily a very slight one. The sub-inspector paid out of his own pocket.”

Thanks to Devareddy’s bravery, the Bengaluru police was able to catch a serial offender. Of course, due credit goes to all those who helped him and the police on the way, but had he not started the initial chase, the dangerous thug would still be on the streets.

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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