Century’s Longest Lunar Eclipse To Be Visible in India: Watch It Right On Your Terrace!

Lunar eclipses July 27th

Unlike a solar eclipse, lunar eclipses are safe for the naked eye. So you can observe them naturally. Binoculars or telescopes, however, will make the sight worthwhile!

On July 27th, this century’s (2000-2100) longest lunar eclipse will occur as the moon passes through the shadow of the earth cast by the sun.

The full eclipse will be visible for more than 103 minutes! In contrast, the blue moon eclipse that occurred on January 31st only lasted 76 minutes!

And what’s more, the eclipse will be visible in India, as long as there no cloudy skies!

If you want to know more about the super blue blood moon that occurred on January 31st of 2018, you can see it here!

So, if you’re planning to witness this rare event, here are few things you should keep in mind:


Lunar eclipse has two main parts. One is when the moon enters the penumbra, which is the lighter part of the shadow, and the moon darkens ever so slightly. The other phase is the umbra state when the moon enters the complete dark part of the shadow and takes on a reddish hue.

A symmetry of a lunar eclipse.

On July 27th, 10:45 PM IST, the moon will enter the penumbra. It will start entering the darker region around 11:54 PM IST.

The full eclipse will start from July 28th at 1:00 AM IST and peak by 1:51 AM IST. The full eclipse will end by 2:43 AM IST.


DateAndTime.com predicts the day to be cloudy based on the weather collected from the year 2000. But that doesn’t have to stop us.

Usually, any uphill places will work, or with luck, you can find clear skies to observe the phenomenon.

Do be careful when you venture into the night especially when out in nature. Even your home terrace will do the job just fine.


Unlike a solar eclipse, lunar eclipses are safe for the naked eye. So you can observe them naturally. Binoculars or telescopes, however, will make the sight worthwhile!

If you are out in the open, you can make the best of it by preparing for a night picnic. Again, precaution is advised. Have mosquito repellents, flashlights, tents handy as they would be very useful.

And if you are a photographer, you can bring your camera, rent some appropriate lenses for the event and have it embossed on a digital frame.

Lunar eclipses July 27th
An multiple composed image of a lunar eclipse.

Lunar eclipses are no short of other celestial events like black holes or supernovas. The phenomenon is a great way to incite curiosity in children and let them have fun while doing so, even though it will be way past their bedtime.

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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