Mumbai Kids Find Super Simple Way to Prevent Wastage of Water While Flushing!

'Team Livewire' which consists of students from classes VI to VIII in various schools in Mumbai, has come up with two solutions to tackle this wastage.

Sometimes, the solution to a complex problem lies in simplicity. Take, for example, the question of saving water on a household level. You might think that you are insignificant when it comes to water conservation, but have you ever wondered how each drop you save is the thread that will tightly weave the cloth of water conservation?

Here, the phrase “boond boond se sagar bane” stands true in its literal sense.

For example, every day, on an individual level, we use about 5-6 litres of water, more than the required amount. As reported by the Times of India, every flush takes about ten litres of water whereas the work can be done in just 500 ml.

A group of young students from Mumbai have come up with an innovative solution to tackle the water wastage that occurs in toilets.

‘Team Livewire’ which consists of students from classes VI to VIII in various schools in Mumbai, has come up with two solutions to tackle this wastage.

The simple solution by Team Livewire. Source.

One is a household change that you can bring about yourself, and the other is a prototype sensor that you can install in your toilets.

Dhruva Iyer, Rohan Shenoy, Sidak Arora, Chaitanya Raghavan, Shaommik Kelkar and Dhruva Jain make up Team Livewire and suggest fixing two 500 ml bottles in your flush tank. This way, the tank won’t fill up, and the next time you flush, only the appropriate amount of water will go on the drain. That’s their simple solution to reduce to the amount of water we flush every day by half!

Imagine how much water a family of four will save in just a month, using this method!

Apart from this home-made solution, the students are also working on a sensor-based prototype called “Flexi Flush”.

The team demonstrates their prototype. Source: DNA.

Using the tagline, “Every flush saves”, the Mumbai boys are developing a sensor that will estimate the amount of water that is disposed of in a commode, and will even flush only the required amount of water.

Speaking to DNA, Dhruva said, “Flushing takes up a large amount of water at the household level, and our aim is to save water that is wasted in the process. The sensors, if fitted in the commode, would dispense just the correct amount of water, thus, avoiding wastage.”

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The Flexi Flush will be India’s official entry to the ‘First Lego League’ global competition being held in Estonia this month.

Two PET bottles and the will to protect our resources—that is all that is needed to reduce water wastage. Initiatives like these deserve all our attention and support, as they will definitely help us to conserve water and benefit the environment in the long run!

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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