Inspired by Proactive Citizen, Bengaluru Takes up Pothole Challenge to Fix Its Roads!

With social media challenges like the fitness challenge going viral on social media, this challenge is certainly one that will ease the woes of citizens

A new trend is taking over Bengaluru, and this time, it involves fixing the problems of the citizens! Bengalureans are taking to the streets to bring an end to an issue that they face every day—one that has proven to be dangerous, especially during the monsoons.

What is this initiative you ask? Well, residents of the city are now taking up the initiative to fix potholes, all by themselves—and as a tag challenge!

Prashanth Maruru, a non-teaching member of the staff at an engineering college, is the person who started the challenge. He fixed a pothole measuring one-and-a-half feet near his home, shared the story on social media on 19 June and tagged his friends to follow suit.

“I bought sand, cement and jelly stones and started filling the pothole,” Prashanth told the Bangalore Mirror, adding that “It didn’t even cost me much. If each one of us starts doing this, imagine how many potholes we can fix.

We always depend on government agencies, but we know these things take time. Sometimes it just makes sense to do things yourself, and then motivate others to follow suit.”

Prashanth shows the pothole he fixed in Bengaluru. Source: Prashanth Maruru.

You may think that this project will consume a lot of your time and may even empty your pockets. But, guess what? According to those who have already fixed the potholes, thanks to the challenge, this task will only set you back by about Rs 50. A small pothole will take 15 minutes of your time whereas a big one might take about an hour.

With social media challenges like the fitness challenge going viral on social media, this challenge is certainly one that will ease the woes of citizens while also lending a helping hand to the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP).

Prashanth told BM, “I ride a two-wheeler, and I know the problems. Potholes are responsible for many accidents that take place across the city.

They damage vehicles too. When it rains, they become even more dangerous because they can’t be seen.”

Representative image. Source.

Prashanth and his friends who accepted the challenge are aware that they may not be able to fix the roads permanently. But every effort of theirs is still undertaken with enormous dedication and hope that they would have prevented a mishap on the road.

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Dinesh Gowda, a college instructor and a friend of Prashanth’s who fixed a pothole after being tagged on Facebook, said, “I was very impressed by Prashanth’s initiative. A lot of people complain that the BBMP does not do its job when we can do our bit. Everyone should start filling potholes; we will see huge results in no time. Let’s take this challenge seriously. We, the citizens, can definitely be the change.”

As these enthusiastic citizens have proven, sometimes it’s best not to wait for someone else to solve your problems, but take the challenge up yourself. Although it indeed is BBMP’s job to fix broken roads, maybe you can lend them a helping hand today? So, are you up for the challenge, Bengaluru?

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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