Kerala IAS Officer Joins Govt. School Kids For Mid-Day Meal, Wins Hearts!

The collector had visited the Sree Devi Vilasam (SDV) UP government school last week, which has the highest enrolment of students in the region.

As necessitated by the Indian government, a member of the civil services, while discharging his/her duties, is required to serve as an instrument of good governance and foster social and economic development.

As the country’s younger population rises, it is quite imperative for any administrator to focus on the education sector, and the quality of education imparted to students under their jurisdiction. This is because the children of today will eventually be the leaders of tomorrow and play a defining role in shaping the country.

Having once set the precedent as a model civil servant by pioneering many remarkable initiatives for the tribal children in the district of Wayanad, Suhas Shivanna IAS is now winning hearts in southern Kerala after taking over as district collector of Alappuzha. You can read about his initiatives in Wayanad here.

When details of his impromptu visit to an upper primary (UP) government school in Neerkunnam on Wednesday came to the fore, the information that he sat down with the students and shared a meal with them during lunchtime, won many hearts.

Collector at the school. Source: Facebook.

The collector had visited the Sree Devi Vilasam (SDV) UP government school last week, which has the highest enrolment of students in the region. The visit was conducted with the objectives of assessing the school’s organisational structure and the quality of food being served under the mid-day meal scheme and if it was adding any nutritional value to the diet of the children.

After the pictures of his visit were shared by the Alappuzha district administration official page on Facebook, the collector was highly appreciated for his thoughtful gesture and the decision to consume the same meal along with the children.

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The post even shared details about the meal that included mor (buttermilk), vellarika kootaan (cucumber curry), urulakizhangu mezhukuperati (fried potato) and rice. From the post, it is evident that Suhas relished what was served to him and the children.

Suhas was accompanied by KP Lathika, the former director of education at the Zila level. The visit also helped to bring to light the problems faced by the school (like space limitations) which was brought to the collector’s notice by both the headmaster and the PDA.

Here’s the original post in Malayalam:

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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