Meet Priyanka Joshi, the Indian Biochemist on Vogue’s 25 Most Influential Women List

These women, doing wonders in various fields have shown great promise. Standing shoulder to shoulder with other great women is Priyanka Joshi, a 29-year-old biochemist, originally from India.

Vogue Magazine recently shared its list of the ’25 influential women in Britain shaping 2018′. It features an esteemed list of human rights activists, scientists, artists and writers. These women, doing wonders in various fields have shown great promise. Standing shoulder to shoulder with other great women is Priyanka Joshi, a 29-year-old biochemist, originally from India.

Here are five things about Priyanka that got her on the Vogue list that you must know:

1. Education:

Priyanka did her Masters from the Bioinformatics and Biotechnology Department (IBB) from Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU). She then moved to the Downing College in Cambridge University, United Kingdom, to pursue her doctorate.

2. Already on the ’30 under 30′ list:

Source: Priyanka Joshi

The citation about Priyanka in Vogue notes, “Priyanka Joshi had barely completed her PhD when Forbes named her one of the most important faces in science… the 29-year-old sits at the cutting edge of Alzheimer’s research, and has been praised for her ground-breaking work building a ‘library’ of drug-like molecules to target irregular proteins that cause degenerative brain diseases.”

3. What got her on this list of Vogue:

According to Forbes, “Priyanka Joshi’s research focuses on identifying small molecule drugs and metabolites in the human brain that can modulate the formation of amyloid beta-protein clumps, thought to be the underlying cause of Alzheimer’s disease. The small molecule library that she created is the basis for starting a drug discovery programme at the Centre for Misfolding Diseases at the University of Cambridge.” Vogue cites, “With dementia now the leading cause of death for women in England and Wales, her early breakthroughs and research could not be more vital.”

4. Previous accolades:

Source: Downing College, Cambridge.

Here is the list of all awards bestowed upon Priyanka before she got on the Vogue 2018 list:

The Salje medal for the best PhD in sciences in 2015.

The Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellow in 2011-2014.

From Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, she was awarded the Young Investigator Award in 2013.

Indian Academy of Sciences Summer Research Fellow in 2009 and 2011.

She received the grant from the Biochemical Society Scientific Outreach in 2015.

5. Priyanka shares a stage with:

Sources: Wikimedia/ Wikimedia/ Wikimedia

Here are some women who are enlisted along with Priyanka-

JK Rowling- a name that every bibliophile, Potterhead and even others recognise, who has been ruling the hearts of this generation for over 20 years. The 52-year-old is the world’s highest paid author. She has worked her magic on our hearts and now on the Vogue list too!

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Amal Clooney- Vogue speaks about Amal as “As one of the world’s most respected human-rights lawyers… 40-year-old Amal Clooney inhabits a uniquely influential position… Her international profile also means the causes she champions- the plight of the Yazidi women kidnapped by ISIS; the detained Reuters journalists in Burma- are afforded greater media exposure, a fact Clooney uses to positive ends.”

Meghan Markle- The Duchess of Sussex has been an inspiration to thousands of girls in the world, not only because of her brilliant acting talent but also as a staunch advocate of feminism and equality. Meghan is of American origin, a divorcee and bi-racial. Breaking these barriers, she stepped into the castle royally, instantly ruling the hearts of millions.

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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