In Pics: Bengaluru Woman Transforms Fallen Petals, Leaves Into Stunning 3D Art!

Creating extraordinary pieces of art out of ordinary subjects like withered flowers, petals, leaves, twigs, grains & even vegetables, Subhashini Chandramani’s handle which goes by the name, ‘neelavanam’ is a hit on Instagram!

There are always flowers for those who want to see them – Henri Matisse

For Subhashini Chandramani, a resident of Bengaluru, art has always been about experimenting with subjects that often miss the eyes of even the most observant people!

For a person who has dabbled with craft, soft-toy making, poetry and photography, using flowers and leaves as subjects in her otherwise two-dimensional artworks was more like a refreshing start to a creative journey.

“It all began when I was making a painting of a woman, and wanted to augment it using a nose pin. While I tried the different ones that I had, nothing seemed to give me the effect that I wanted until my eyes wandered off to a lone bougainvillaea flower through my window. This was like a brainwave, and I thought, why not?” she says to The Better India.

That creative decision was just the beginning.

Subhashini Chandramani with her favourite subjects.

Today, after two years of creating extraordinary pieces of art out of ordinary subjects like withered flowers, petals, leaves, twigs, grains and even vegetables, Subhashini’s handle which goes by the name, ‘Neelavanam’ is a hit on Instagram!

With plain backgrounds and simple concepts frozen forever in photographs that are shot on an iPhone, an inherent facet that one cannot miss in all of Subhashini’s artworks is minimalism. Also, barring rare exceptions, she never plucks flowers or leaves to embellish her work but instead looks out for petals and leaves that have begun to wane and wither. “For me, these unlikely subjects have stories of their own that need to be unfurled,” she adds.

Take a look at some of Subhashini’s naturally embellished artworks, which will surely make you want to rack your brain for similarly creative ideas!

The Book Girl. Courtesy: Neelavanam.
A classroom of birds. Courtesy: Neelavanam.
Dancing flowers. Courtesy: Neelavanam.
The girl with orange hair. Courtesy: Neelavanam.
Between Sky and Earth. Courtesy: Neelavanam.
Beelated. Courtesy: Neelavanam.
Kerala Backwaters. Courtesy: Neelavanam.
Aane (elephant). Courtesy: Neelavanam.
A poodle. Courtesy: Neelavanam.
Blossoms. Courtesy: Neelavanam.
Just a little mouse. Courtesy: Neelavanam.
Ginger hummingbirds. Courtesy: Neelavanam.
New York Skyline. Courtesy: Neelavanam.
An orchid rain. Courtesy: Neelavanam.
A tea party. Courtesy: Neelavanam.
Veena Navaratri. Courtesy: Neelavanam.

You can look up more of her work on Instagram here. You can also purchase these works on ‘Neelavanam’ website.

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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