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From Frugality to Freedom from Expectations, Dad Taught Me All: A Daughter’s Tribute

Although we don’t need a special day to remember our loved ones, especially our parents, these days help bring back memories.

From Frugality to Freedom from Expectations, Dad Taught Me All: A Daughter’s Tribute

You don’t need a day to remember someone, especially your parents. But sometimes these celebrations like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day may help bring back old memories.

Well, I don’t consider myself as a new generation self, I had seen the era of the 70s, the 80s and the 90s very closely. It was the period of minimalism with a pinch of strictness. Things then were not as easy as they are today. The head of the family had a lot of dominance over the family. Everything you decide needed final approval from the father. And his decision was always final, just like the Lakshman Rekha in Ramayana. There was no scope for discussion, and you had no choice but to withhold it!

I had two sisters. Even if you go by the majority of 4:1, the women never dared to overpower the single male in the house. This was how things around me functioned 30-40 years ago.

Occasions like Father’s Day help us recall the ‘good old days’

Of course, not every family was the same. There were few where the system failed, and they made their own rules. With an introverted, serious and short-tempered nature, he was tough to understand.

On the contrary, this restricted nature helped us have a grounded childhood. We did not demand expensive clothes or luxuries. We were happy with a new colour pencil, a pencil box, and some new books. I feel that a child doesn’t understand these materialistic things until you feed these to them. On the other hand, there are always other things in your life which can never be compensated–freedom of thoughts, freedom to experiment, freedom to embrace failure and freedom from expectations!

After so many years, what I remember the most is my freedom of thoughts and how my decisions were never a hurdle to him. Although it was a time when women were confined to their homes and driving was an alien act, he gifted me a two-wheeler vehicle on my 18th birthday. He arranged money from his old insurance policy and made sure that I started my journey with the new.

Riding a two-wheeler in Delhi during the 90s was fun and gave me a sense of freedom. I was an exception who was let free to enjoy the freedom in all senses. Day or night I had driven the vehicle, either for guitar classes or extra classes or just for fun, with no fear of any sort. And the kind of freedom I had sensed was seldom shared by others.

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I am a parent now and can analyse those things closely. How different was it? Going against social norms to cater to every possible thing for your children. I admit you cannot realise those things unless you are on the same page. The stage of parenting and letting your offspring to blossom!

In today’s world when there is a lot of uproar on feminism, equality and freedom for women, I can say I had lived these words much before they became buzzwords on the internet. I never knew I had a feminist father who was always there through our thick and thin.

We were set free to live our lives, achieving to our own goals and finding happiness in our ways. It was never the comparison of Girls Vs Boys at any point in time. We never had any restrictions related to gender. My father’s limited communication and reserved nature was never a hurdle between us.

Though we never hugged each other, and he was not like the hands-on dads of today’s generation, his power of silence was always connected to us, through his profound silence and comforting inner voice, “Go-ahead, I am always with you in all your times”.

Reticent and reserved, Ekta’s father was always supportive of her.

Over the course of our lives and experiences, emotional support from our families helps us stand our ground. It is validating and empowering.

After seven years when we lost him to natural death, I always remember him as the strong pillar of my life and the compassionate way I was nurtured. Being a parent to two kids, I ensure that the rules that applied during my childhood are followed by them. I hope to imbibe in them the understanding of the freedom that has been given to them and the ability to learn positive life lessons.

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Even though 30 years are enough for a bigger change and parenting has come a long way, I learnt and experienced why it is important to give emotional support and the right of freedom to every child. All these words like mental health, emotional quotient, feminism were not in the dictionary three decades ago, but their presence cannot be denied in all respects!

(Written by Ekta Shah and Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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