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Worried About Being Stuck in The Rains? This App Will Send Timely Flood Alerts!

Bengaluru weather playing up? Get timely alerts for floods and don’t get stranded outside thanks to this app.

How many times have you gotten stuck in the rains in Bengaluru, with the weather showing no signs of relenting? Well, no city is immune to flooding, and the Garden City too has her fair share of waterlogging. And the worst scenario is one in which you get stuck in a waterlogged area because you had no prior warning.

According to a report in The Times of India, the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring (KSNDMC) and IISc scientists have come together to build a smartphone app that will equip users with important information during monsoons. KSNDMC Director GM Srinivasa Reddy scheduled a meeting with senior BBMP officials to discuss the app’s features.

Telemetric rain gauges in different parts of the city will asses rainfall and send automated alerts to servers about the quantity and possibility of flooding in particular areas. Such alerts will be sent to district administration officials and other registered members as text messages. When the app finally launches, citizens will have this information on their fingertips.

Don't get stranded in the floods, in Bengaluru. Get updates via the upcoming app, and plan accordingly.Image Credit:- Noorunnisa Imran
Don’t get stranded in the floods, in Bengaluru. Get updates via the upcoming app, and plan accordingly.Image Credit:- Noorunnisa Imran

The Director went on to speak of the other features of the app, like checking whether the roads are inundated, or if there is a risk of flooding in certain areas. Sensors that keep tabs on water levels of stormwater drains during the rainy season will report the threat once the level crosses the danger mark. Sensors in rain gauges will assess flood risk for a specific area, depending on the rainfall received. Alerts will be sent, once the information is assessed.

The project is being used as a benchmark. A senior KSNDMC official said the Centre had entrusted them with the task of developing the mobile app, and other mechanisms, to strengthen rain preparedness. The official said that the project would be replicated in 10 major cities across India, depending on its success rate.

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Many people lost their lives during the monsoon last year. An app that sends people alerts will help them be better prepared and also save lives.

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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