Eat Healthier: Maharashtra Eateries May Soon Display Calorie Count of Each Dish!

In a world where most lifestyles are sedentary, and we have effortless & cheap access to high-calorie junk food, the risk of several diseases is always at a high.

You go to a restaurant, promising yourself that you will stick to your diet and resist all temptation, but the delicious aroma of fresh, buttery pav-bhaji or deep-fried potatoes is incredibly difficult to resist and just lures you into ordering some for yourself, right away.

And there you have it—several hours of exercise, diet and self-control gone down the drain with just one order!

Well, fret not. According to the Pune Mirror, the Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is planning to help you count your calories as you consume them!

In a world where most lifestyles are sedentary, and we have effortless and cheap access to high-calorie junk food, the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension etc. is always at a high, and this is why FDA Commissioner Pallavi Darade came up with a plan to make restaurants mention the calorie content of each dish on the menu cards.

The plan has been put in place so that concerned citizens can make an informed decision at eateries.

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“People are getting more conscious of their health, but are still not aware of the calories they consume while eating out in a restaurant,” said Pallavi to the Pune Mirror, adding that “Also, this way, the hotel industry will also be more aware of the calorie content in their dishes. While it will not be the exact amount, patrons will still know their approximate calorie intake and can make an informed decision while placing an order. ”

Soon, the FDA officials will hold meetings with representatives from various industries like food and packaging, health, and restaurants to decide the final proposal, but the suggestion is already winning applause from experts.

Dr Sanjay Borude, a bariatric surgeon, said,

“There is a major rise in the number of people suffering from obesity, which includes young children. This is a cause for genuine concern and this decision taken by the FDA will enhance public awareness.”

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There are still some concerns about having restaurants mention the calorie content of each dish on the menu. One is that they may not have the necessary technology to count calories. The second concern is that not every meal, even if made by the same person, will have a consistent calorie intake every time it is cooked.

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However, once these issues are resolved, the move will promote healthy eating and help people make informed decisions about what they are consuming. Borude explained, “I cannot stress this enough—calorie consciousness is low among common people, even parents. Hoteliers should take this as a positive step and support the FDA. In fact, I had suggested some time ago that some food chains should carry a statutory warning on junk food, which notifies consumers about the number of calories they are consuming.”

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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