Video: Are You Drinking Enough Water? This Special Bottle Will Keep You Hydrated

Water is an important need, yet we often overlook it while engaging in daily work. In a bid to ensure that people stay hydrated, Briefcase has come up with a solution!

Water is a basic human need. However, when we spend most of our days caught up in our busy routines, it is easy to overlook this essential requirement.

In a bid to ensure that employees remember to hydrate themselves at work, Anand Damani and Mayur Tekchandaney, the founders of Briefcase, a design consultancy based out of Mumbai, have come up with a bottle which has an extremely clever feature.

The bottle is fitted with a cap which glows and beeps lightly every hour or so, depending on how often the bottle is opened!

Image for representational purposes. Source: Pixabay

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The reasoning behind this is simple. According to the company, a behavioural change can only become permanent when it becomes a habit. For that, three things must come together: trigger, action, and reward, and this idea is the foundation of the Smart Water Bottle.

Here, the trigger is the reminder on the water bottle, the action is drinking water, and the reward is hydration. Over time, this can become a habit.

To test their hypothesis, Briefcase conducted an experiment—which yielded surprising results!

You can watch the video below to know what happened!

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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