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Punekars, Akashvani is Giving You a Chance To Share Your Story On-Air!

Punekars, Akashvani is Giving You a Chance To Share Your Story On-Air!

Personal stories by strangers can be the perfect dose of inspiration and optimism, but we get too caught up in our daily lives to seek them out.

See no one ever thinks about the cabbie. It’s like you’re invisible. Just the back of a head.”

Even though that particular line was said by a serial killer in Sherlock Holmes, the fictional mystery series, don’t you think it stands true in our lives? We come across hundreds of people every day—from the delivery boy who brings us the newspaper, to the cab driver who takes us to our destination. And yet, we somehow only identify them by their jobs.

Have you ever stopped to think about the stories these people would able to tell you if they could? Your cab driver might have been a former businessman, your vegetable vendor might be struggling to put together money for his daughter’s education, and it is quite possible that the conductor who issued you a bus ticket this morning, is taking night classes to become a civil servant!

These stories can be the perfect dose of inspiration and optimism, but we get too caught up in our daily lives to seek them out.

Often we are too involved in our lives to know about others’. Source.

However, this is exactly what the Pune station of Akashvani is all set to do—bring in the extraordinary stories, hopes and inspirations of the common man to your home!

Gopal Autee, the deputy director at All India Radio (AIR) in Pune told the Indian Express, “Radio is not only meant for prominent personalities, it is also a medium through which even a common man can voice his concerns.”

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AIR will feature people from various walks of life like street vendors, cobblers, homemakers, bus conductors etc. People are a treasure house of experiences and inspiration, and AIR wants to tap into that.

Maybe a stranger’s story will become your own someday, and their experiences might be your life lessons.

Representational image. Source.

Autee has introduced a similar programme in the Mumbai station of Akashvani and is positive that the common man holds wisdom from personal experience that will be worth sharing with the world.

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“Every man out there holds wisdom and knowledge of his own and has his own area of expertise,” Autee told the Indian Express, adding that “Does anybody ask a ticket collector or a volunteer at a public parking facility about his concerns and worries? This show will give them an opportunity to do so…”

The show is aptly called “Mazha Hi Aika” which means “Listen, Even to Me” in Marathi. It will air every Wednesday starting June 2018.

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

Featured image source: Twitter.

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