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Switch To Menstrual Cups For A Comfortable & Tension-Free Period!

Menstrual cups can be used, emptied and reused every 10-12 hours making it travel-friendly and perfect for everyday work. Made from medical-grade silicone, these cups are completely free of harmful chemicals, safe to use and available in different sizes.

 How to Use It:

If you’re using a menstrual cup for the first time, try using it in the shower to ensure it slides in smoothly. As a rule of thumb, always wash your hands before you wear your cup. You can learn various folding methods online, so choose the one which you feel most comfortable with and fold the cup. Hold your folded cup firmly and guide it towards your vagina.

You can stand, squat (advised for beginners), sit, or raise one of your legs. Again, comfort is key and try the posture where you are most at ease and balanced, to create an opening for the cup. Guide the cup into your vagina, pointing it upwards toward the base of your spine.

Try to keep the cup folded until it is entirely inside of your vagina. Gently release the folded cup. It will pop open and create a sealing suction automatically, holding it in place. Run a finger along the base of the cup to ensure that it has opened completely. If you feel any folds, hold the base of the cup and gently rotate it until it opens completely and creates a sealing suction.

Tell me more about this!

 A menstrual cup can be continuously worn for 10-12 hours and is ideal for the woman who is always on the go. It can also hold twice the amount of blood when compared with the regular pad or tampon.


Using a single menstrual cup is equal to saying no to the plastic in almost a 1000 sanitary pads.


Made from medical-grade silicone, menstrual cups are completely free from harmful chemicals, unlike sanitary pads.


Menstrual cups are completely leak-proof and create a vacuum that keeps the odour away.

Sirona Hygiene Menstrual Cup

Sirona was founded by Deepa Bajaj to address feminine hygiene issues in India. Besides menstrual cups, they have also designed a travel-friendly urination device that got world-wide recognition.

TruCup Menstrual Cup

TruCup, founded by Alakshi Tomar and Shivangi Bagri started with an aim to break the taboos and myths that surround menstrual hygiene in India and create an inclusive society for women.

Nari Yari Menstrual Cup

Nari Yari started with a vision to help the Indian woman lead a clean and healthy life without harming the environment. Get this menstrual cup for a leak-free, stink-free period.

Rekke Personal Care Menstrual Cup

Rekke is the brainchild of two women entrepreneurs, pioneers in the field of citizen-led solid waste management and sustainable menstruation in India.

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